Urban-pop singer-songwriter Séssi joined us for an exclusive interview for Latido Music by mitú where we got to know more about the Puerto Rican and Cuban songstress, her musical influences, what it means to be a Latina in the music industry, and the message she wants to share with women through her music.

Séssi comes from a musical background.

Born and raised in The Bronx to Puerto Rican and Cuban parents, Séssi grew up in a musical household where her father was a producer and her mom worked in event planning setting up concerts.

“Since I was a child, I’ve always been on stage, singing… always had a passion for music. I come from dance music, but a lot of Latin influences like La India, Lady Gaga. I also love the Disco Divas like Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer. So I would say my music is very eclectic, I have a lot of R&B sounds, pop sounds, I’m big on melodies.”

One of the main themes Sésssi wants to transmit through her music is body positivity and self-expression

Growing up with a family that embraced her uniqueness, Séssi doesn’t shy away from expressing herself through music. “I was raised that way, that you have to love yourself, be proud of who you are, and I’m very blessed to have a team that believes in me and to be able to express myself and talk about toxic relationships, and all the crazy things that women go through, it’s not easy being us. I’m here to lift up all the women,” Séssi says. “And some men as well because… if I gotta check a man, I will,” she laughed.

Her new single, “2C”, she describes it as a hallucination, a man mesmerized by a woman’s confidence and her beauty

Séssi’s latest single “2C” is a sultry reggaeton track where a man and a woman fall in love for the first time and the woman knows exactly what she’s worth and takes command of the situation.

Séssi worked with Jhay Cortez on the track “Kobe en LA.”

For the outro of Jhay Cortez’s “Kobe en LA,” you can hear Séssi’s vocals during the final verses of the song, which Séssi calls them “extremely spiritual.”

About the experience working with Jhay, Séssi calls it a “dream come true,” and it was a gratifying experience for her to work with someone that loves to express themselves through lyrics, just like she does, and hopes to work with Jhay again in the future.

Séssi was recently named one of the 20 Latinas to discover before 2020 ends by Billboard.

From our conversation alone, you can tell that Séssi’s personality thrives by performing on stage and we can’t wait to see her perform live very soon. We’ll be tuned in for the music she has in store for us.

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