British Latinos are quickly becoming one of our new favorite niche subjects online. This fast-growing community, supported by several TikTok creators is enlightening the world on all things Latinidad while living in the United Kingdom.

A Cuban-Colombian creator, Sophie Castillo, recorded a video on what it was like growing up in the United Kingdom while being raised in a Latino household. She goes on to explain how children of immigrants embrace both the culture they grew up in while honoring their roots.

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“I was born in London and raised in London,” she said. “[British Latinos] were raised by Latin families, which means the majority of us were raised very deeply connected to our Latin culture.”

Adding, “Our parents are still very Latin so they very much raised us with the same principles and the same love for our culture.”


Growing up as a Latina in the UK 🫶 hope I managed to explain it well. If anyone has any questions let me know! But essentially, it is a very unique experience and can be lonely but we have a great community here and our parents raised us to be proud of our roots, which is amazing 🫶 #latinostiktok #britishlatina #uklatina #uklatinos #uklatino #uklatin #latinosoftiktok #latinosenlondres #latinx

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So, what’s the deal with all these Latino Brits? Here’s everything to know.

Understanding how Latinos became the fastest-growing population in London

With the first massive wave of Latino migration taking place in the 1970s, People from Latin America have continued moving to the United Kingdom for various reasons.

Some move to further their studies, seeking political asylum, or better work and life opportunities. According to statistics, Latinos are the fastest-growing population in London.

Trust for London reported that around 250,000 Latinos live in the UK, with more than half concentrated in London. Two-thirds of that population is aged under 40.

“Brazilians are the largest national group, making up over a third of the Latin American population in London, followed by Colombians (around a fifth),” they shared. “The next largest groups are from Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico. The proportions are similar in the rest of the UK.”

TikToker Milena Sanchez, who is well-known for posting videos of herself switching between Spanish and English with a British accent, addresses the lack of representation of Latinos in the UK in a video.

She claims that is the reason many people don’t know that the demographic exists.

People were surprised by how many British Latinos there are, with others chiming in on their backgrounds

Some people in Castillo’s comments were taken aback that British Latinos are a thing. Some noted how they had never heard British accents on Latinos before.

“You know what I just noticed… I’ve never heard a Brit speak Spanish with a Brit accent 👁️👄👁️,” said one user.

Another said she lives in the United States and never thought of it either:

“Wow, this is so interesting to me. Never heard a Latina speak in a British accent. I’m Latina myself (half Cuban/half Mexican), but I live in the US,” commented another.

Others pointed out that Latinos have migrated to other parts of the world besides the U.S.

“I feel like a lot of people always get confused that Latinos are in different places other than the US,” commented a user.

Some identified with Castillo’s message.

“Soy Panameño & Jamaican 🇵🇦🇯🇲 born & raised in the UK 🇬🇧 grew up with Salsa & Reggae, Sancocho & Curry Goat, we have the best of both!” another added.

Many TikTok creators are making the community visible by representing their heritage

Latino social media influencers and TikTokers in the UK, have taken to various platforms to represent their community while teaching people about it.

Many have shared relatable videos about identity, food, language (they speak Spanglish, too!) and the duality of loving both places.

One example is TikToker @patrickvelmusic, who makes comedic videos about being British Latino. In one video, he highlights aspects of Mexican culture — such as cerveza Modelo, corridos, tacos and sazón he embraces — though he lives in London.

He also brings up the wonderful parts of dating a British-Latino.


Dating a British latino be like… 🥳👀😉🇪🇨🇬🇧 welcome to British latino tiktok ! Here we look at the potential rizz toh may encounter on this side of the pond 👌😇 lemme know what you think in the comment section below 🙂 #latinostiktok #latinosenusa #hispanic #spanglish #latino #rizz

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Other Latino Brits have made videos about identity and the dilemmas that many children of immigrants endure. Some debate whether to give their kids names that represent their roots or to choose names that better fit the culture they live in and that their children will grow up in.

As Tiktoker @lafamosaoficial shared, one of her struggles growing up in the UK was having a Latin American name. Adding her name was butchered in school.

Now, what we’re all wondering is if there will be a cafecito-themed high tea anytime soon.