Former President Barack Obama released his annual Summer Playlist and there’s a Latin banger featured on it. He included Rochy RD’s smash “Ella No Es Tuya” featuring Myke Towers and Nicki Nicole. Some other Latinx folks featured in the list include Bruno Mars, Elis Regina, and Sabrina Claudio.

Barack Obama’s personal music lists have become an annual tradition.

Since leaving the Office of the President, Obama has stayed in touch with his followers by releasing lists of his favorite songs and books. Last week, he dropped his 2021 Summer Playlist. Obama has included a few Latin hits before, and this year he tuned into Dominican producer Rochy RD.

Rochy RD’s “Ella No Es Tuya” remix is one of the biggest Latin hits of the year.

Rochy RD first released “Ella No Es Tuya” in July 2020. The song became a global hit this year when he dropped the remix featuring Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers and Argentine singer Nicki Nicole. The remix music video has over 145 million views on YouTube.

“That song with Rochy and Myke Towers not only changed the course of my career, it was a step that took my [artistic] identity to a place where I never thought it could go,” Nicole told mitú in April. “I never worked with a rhythm like that. They’re incredible artists.”

Barack Obama’s list also include Bruno Mars’ latest smash.

Obama also included Bruno Mars’ soaring smash “Leave the Door Open” with Anderson .Paak. The two artists joined forces as Silk Sonic. Their music video also has over 327 million views on YouTube.

Sabrina Claudio is another Latina who Obama included in his Summer Playlist. The singer-songwriter of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent sings in English and Spanish. Obama included her slow-burn ballad “Frozen.” He also included the Portuguese classic “Águas de Março” by Brazilian artists Elis Regina and Tom Jobim.

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