On Sunday, December 12, legendary Mexican music icon and actor, Vicente Fernández, passed away at 81 years old.

Chente’s legacy is one for the ages. He was the Regional Mexican soloist with most songs on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart with 61 entries; he recorded over 50 albums, took part in over 30 films, but more than anything, his music was an integral part of Latino households.

The news of his passing shook the world and artists alike — so much so that stars like Lucero, Ricky Martin, and Maluma took to social media to share their words for El Rey de la Ranchera.

And, of course, we even saw touching tributes from his son and grandson. “And although we miss you daily, your spirit and voice will live forever in your family, in your town and in your people,” said Alejandro. His grandson Alex shared the last picture they took together, celebrating his daughter Mía’s birth, with the caption: “I can only tell you that you are my idol, I thank you for all the support and unconditional love that you always gave me, all my life, and that you also know that you were always like a father to me.”

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Los Tigres del Norte shared a picture with Vicente, and mentioned how the musical world is in mourning, saying goodbye to one of the greats.

For Mexicans, December 12 is the day of Virgen de Guadalupe, but from now on it will also be a day of mourning one of its greatest stars. Lucero shared on Twitter a series of tributes with performances of the pair together on stage, saying “you leave a giant hole in my soul and in all Mexicans,” as well as pointing out how La Virgencita will lead Chente’s way.

Paquita la del Barrio said it was an honor to share moments with her “dear friend” and sent a hug all the way to heaven.

On Instagram, Ricky Martin shared that whenever he was in Guadalajara, Chente would always make an effort to see him perform and tell him how important he was to him. Another fellow Puerto Rican, Marc Anthony said “thank you for the incredible legacy you left behind.”

Marco Antonio Solis shared a throwback picture of him and Vicente, where he mentioned how his passing is “a great loss for the people of Mexico and the world, a great loss for all of us who love the work of Don Vicente Fernández.”

Chente’s impact goes beyond Regional Mexican borders, with Reggaeton stars like Maluma, Guaynaa, and Mexican rapper Snow Tha Product sharing tributes for El Rey.

Needless to say, we’ll miss you, Chente.

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