Dominican singer Amenazzy is bringing new light to reggaeton and Latin trap with his EP Santo Niño. Across the eight tracks, he refreshes the genres with his tropical flow and influences that are emblematic of his country. Amenazzy teams up fellow Dominican acts like Tokischa and Rochy RD and Puerto Rican rappers like Jay Wheeler and Eladio Carrión. In an interview with Latido Music, Amenazzy breaks down a few of the collaborations on the EP.

Amenazzy first took the world by storm with his breakthrough hit “Baby.”

Amenazzy first made a splash with his debut album Phenomenon in 2017. That LP featured his breakthrough hit “La Chanty.” A year later, the world got to know Amenazzy through his smash hit “Baby” featuring Nicky Jam and Farruko. The music videos have over 340 million views on YouTube.

“[‘Baby’] marks a before and after in my career,” Amenazzy tells mitú. “That song opened the door for me internationally. People from different countries were getting to know me.”

With Santo Niño, Amenazzy is flexing a sexier side of his music.

Following “La Chanty” and “Baby,” Amenazzy was known for the romantic vibes that he brought to reggaeton and Latin trap. With Santo Niño, he’s showing a sexier side to his artistry. Despite the religious connotation, the niño’s gone bad here. The perreo “No Soy Un Santo” with Carrión, Brray, Noriel, and Foreign Teck says it all.

“Here we’re seeing a more explicit Amenazzy,” he says. “This is another Amenazzy that’s different from 2016 and 2017. This EP has many different colors. No song is the same as the other one. We have a discoteca flow in ‘No Soy Un Santo.'”

Amenazzy’s “No Me Falles” with Tokischa is a pretty hot collaboration.

Another explicit moment on the album is “No Me Falles” with Tokischa. This is like Dominican dembow meets reggaeton dembow. Both Dominican artists trade hot-and-heavy verses. Tokischa, who is openly queer, sings about having sex with men and women. Love that for her, especially during LGBTQ+ Pride month.

“That was cool because it was a new challenge,” Amenazzy says. “Tokischa is an artist who takes the explicit and turns it into art. To have the opportunity to work with her in her territory, for me that was very awesome because it was something new. It’s the new things that always catch my attention.”

Amenazzy and Rochy RD come through with a Dominican banger.

Rochy RD, who recently scored the hit “Ella No Es Tuya” remix with Myke Towers and Nicki Nicole, also features on Amenazzy’s Santo Niño EP. The two Dominican artists teamed up for dancehall banger “Miedo.” Amenazzy hints that there will be more music from them coming soon.

“We have a friendly relationship,” Amenazzy says. “We’re very close. The vibe in the studio and the way we were flowing was very strong. Apart from that song, we made more collaborations.”

Amenazzy recently released a new song for the latest Fast & Furious movie.

Expect the Santo Niño EP to convert more of the world over to Amenazzy fans. On Friday, he also featured on the F9: The Fast Saga soundtrack with “Rapido” featuring Farruko, Towers, and Rochy RD. Amenazzy is getting around through his music.

“I hope my music surpasses boundaries and it reaches places unimaginable,” he says. “I hope my music goes beyond language barriers and reaches places that don’t necessarily speak Spanish. Those are the dreams that I have.”

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