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Fox Dissed Her Son, Little Did They Know He Had A Latina Mom Who Doesn’t Play That

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A psychologist and military mom, Dr. Ingrid Herrera-Yee was on CNN this week to defend her 10-year-old son. She talked with Jake Tapper about how her son, Michael, found himself in the path of a sweeping gesture to the face from Vice President Mike Pence while addressing a group of kids recently. As many sources reported, including HuffPo, Michael was relentless in letting Pence know how he felt and asked him for an apology. It was actually pretty cute.

Then on Fox News, contributor Tammy Bruce made some disparaging comments about the boy that amounted to her blaming his liberal upbringing for making him such a “snowflake” that he thought he deserved an apology. She said “I guess we’re giving birth to snowflakes” and “it looked like he needed a safe space.” Little did Bruce know, Michael is on the autism spectrum and has really only been speaking for 5 years, so practicing his speech and speaking his mind are very important to his development.

Tapper caught up with Dr. Herrera-Yee to speak with her on her thoughts on the issue. After explaining about Michael’s autism, she asked for an apology from those who had spoken so carelessly about her son at Fox, without knowing his condition. More importantly, she wanted an apology for bringing a child into the conversation as a political talking point in the first place. Tapper tweeted at Fox, saying he would tweet at them every day until they issued an apology.

Tapper said he’d tweet everyday until Dr. Herrera-Yee and her son Michael received the apology she’d asked for.

And Fox responded with a pretty sincere apology.

It seems like we can all learn something from this interaction: if you’ve been wronged, it’s your place to ask for an apology. And if we’ve wronged someone, if we can listen and are open when we’re asked for an apology, sometimes we can make things right again.

This seems like a pretty good lesson, regardless of your political leaning, and an especially good one for children.

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