The 10 mitú Shop Gifts You Need To Get This Holiday Season (Before We Run Out)

This holiday season, the mitú shop is here to make all of your gifting needs one hundred times easier… that’s a promise.

You might be looking for a gift to surprise your comadres, or something to finally put a smile on your primo’s face, and even una cosita for the special chingona jefa in your life — whatever the case may be, we have something that fits the bill. From the Empowerment Tote to the Ponte Las Pilas Socks, our team at mitú has curated an iconic holiday gift guide just for you (and pa’ la cultura también).  

1. A wise woman once said: “¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!”

Courtesy of mitú Shop

We can guarantee you’ll want to bring this three piece tumbler set with you to any party you go to. Whether it’s with your comadres, amigos, or really anyone who wants to boogie, this set is perfect for family parties, your weekly chisme chats, and even the fiesta after the bautismo.

2. For your mom’s favorite child, because we all know the mijos are the favorite.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

The iconic Mijo Sweatshirt is the perfect gift for your brother or for your tia to give to her mjio, because we all know the boys are the favorites in the fam. Check out these cool and soft sweatshirts in bulk so they can all match, perfect for a family event or a holiday photo.  

3. Empowerment Tote – for the mujer in your life who just knows she’s the jefa.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

A classic tote but with a cultural twist, this chingona edition bag is for the mujeres in your life, the main attraction, who just know that their inner powerful bichota and chingona energy is unparalleled.

4. Who needs a man when you have comadres who are always down for a cafecito?

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We all have those comadres who are the most powerful force in our lives, always there for us — day or night — and with the cafetera ready. This gift is a salute to the comadres, a special mug to celebrate them and their endless support!

5. For the bichota who knows she’s a boss, here’s a handbag to prove it.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

The perfect purse for the chingona in your life who knows she’s a boss. There is nothing like a bag that screams bichota like this one, with the cutest details you know she will love. So snag yours for your jefa before it’s too late. 

6. Chamacos will adore our Guacardo Dinosaur Plushie.   

Courtesy of mitú Shop

This Guacardo Dinosaur Plushie Halloween edition is great for the chamacos in your family. With a removable cap that is sure to keep Guacardo in dinosaur disguise, this is the cutest avocado themed gift year-round.

7. The iconic “Ponte Las Pilas” socks for when you need to echarle ganas.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

For when you’re feeling low and need a boost of energy to echarle ganas, these “Ponte Las Pilas” socks will gift you the motivation you need to keep on going! The perfect stocking stuffer, these soft socks are great for gifting in bulk or for giving them to your flojo family member as lighthearted joke. 

8. For your special someone this holiday season, a chula beanie is a must-have.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

There’s no gift that says te quiero more than this chula beanie for your special someone. A cute sentimental gift, this beanie is a great accessory for any winter outfit. Not only is it a great head warmer, it’s also a must-have for every chula wardrobe.   

9. A buena muerte t-shirt para los hombres so he doesn’t forget how lucky he is.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

“Buen amor y buena muerte… no hay mejor suerte.” Even though spooky season has ended, this men’s t-shirt is a great daily reminder for the man in your life, so he doesn’t forget how lucky he is to have you with this everyday essential tee.

10. To celebrate the culture on the daily.

Courtesy of mitú Shop

This “Viva México,” papel picado necklace is a celebration of culture, a token of love pa’ la cultura. For the mujer in your life that celebrates the traditions of Mexican culture on a daily basis, we can guarantee she will love it. This limited edition piece is part of our Mercedes Salazar x mitú collection, only available here. Get it while supplies last.

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