Nothing more important than showing your parents the fruits of your accomplishments and sharing them together. For Diana Flores, the quarterback of the Mexican women’s flag football team, her Super Bowl commercial was the most crucial moment in her career — and she wanted to show it to her family in a different way.

Diana took her parents on what looked like a sightseeing tour and sat them in front of a TV to see the commercial firsthand.

“She hasn’t told [us] much,” her mother said. “My heart just explodes.”

Holding hands, the Flores watched for the first time the now-considered best ad of the Big Game, where Diana runs with agility showing off her signature moves as everyone tries to take the yellow flags away from her.


Diana Flores didn’t tell her parents she was the star of our Super Bowl commercial. This is the moment she revealed it to them ❤️🥺 #dianaflores #nflmexico #superbowl

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If we got goosebumps, the Flores family couldn’t get enough excitement in their chests.

“You’re the star,” says papa Flores with a crack in his voice. “You told me you’d be in it, not that you’d be the star,” the mother added.

“You are powerful, powerful,” said her father.

For him, as for all of us, the impact of Diana Flores’ commercial is unmatched.

“That’s what you really have,” he said. “And now it is reflected in something big.”

“It makes me very proud. It fills me with excitement.”

For her mother, Diana Flores’ achievement is the product of a family effort.

“We worked a lot since she was very little,” she said. “I never imagined this at this level. I didn’t even dare to dream it.”

“Thank you so much,” she concluded. “Thank you so much for making this great.”

At just 24 years old, Flores showed the world her skills and brought to the table the representation of women, especially Latinas, in sports.

Undoubtedly, this Latina is changing history.