There’s little doubt that the Uvalde, Texas, massacre that occurred at Robb Elementary School will haunt the nation for the rest of time. The 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos murdered two teachers and 19 students, while injuring 17 others. As the entire world is still processing the tragic event, one victim’s family now has a whole other ordeal on their plate. 

Ten-year-old Uvalde victim Eliahana “Ellie” Cruz Torres tragically died the day of the shooting, which in and of itself is every parent’s worst nightmare. However, Torres’ family is now dealing with trying to help her father attend the funeral.

The victim’s father, Eli Torres, is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence in Kentucky for participating in gang activity and drug trafficking. He spoke to the Houston Chronicle about grieving for his daughter from inside prison, and his situation is as heartbreaking and frustrating as you could expect.

As Torres explained, he missed out on most of his daughter’s life due to being inside a prison cell. Now, he remembers how she would call him to talk about school or her love of softball, but still has nightmares every night since her death. 

Torres also feels like he could have done something to stop the massacre from happening if only he had been out of prison. He told the outlet, “I could have prevented this from happening, somehow, some way, as a father… I could have stopped it somehow. Protected her.” Torres now says, “The choices I made, it cost me.”

Now, reality star Kim Kardashian is stepping in so that the Torres family’s situation gains exposure. Why? All in the hopes that the Federal Bureau of Prisons grants Torres temporary release to attend his daughter’s funeral. As Kardashian tweeted, “Her family are desperately hoping” that he is allowed to attend, but “so far their requests have been denied.” 

In another tweet, Kardashian continued, “I ask the [Federal Bureau of Prisons] to grant Eli Torres temporary release so that he can say his last goodbye to his baby girl. Every parent deserves that right.”

Incredibly enough, Torres still manages to exude positivity and wisdom, even after going through arguably the most difficult situation possible. “The world needs more positive people,” he shared. Seemingly in reference to the shooter, Torres calls for “more love and faith in the air that guides people, that takes people to places that they dream of — not places to where they will never return from.”

Kentucky State Rep. Attica Scott joined the fight to help Torres, with a letter to President Biden and Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear. She tweeted, “While the Bureau of Prisons has denied the request… our advocacy on behalf of her family must persist.” Per the letter, Eliahana was due to see her father just one week after the day of the shooting. 

Now, Robb Elementary School has officially put a petition in place to get as many signatures as possible so Torres is allowed to attend his daughter’s funeral. Currently at more than 800 signatures, the petition is so Torres “can say his last goodbye to his baby girl.”