Two men in Bakersfield, California accidentally lit themselves on fire trying to burn down Servicio de Inmigracion, a local business that helps customers pay their taxes and successfully navigate the immigration process.

The plan immediately backfires… literally

The footage came from a nearby Ring camera, which shows the two masked men covering the center in gasoline. Upon lighting the fire, the arsonist immediately bursts into flames and begins running away. His accomplice panics, tripping multiple times before vanishing alongside his partner in crime.

Although the pair’s identities remain anonymous to the public, one of the center’s employees confirmed that a cell phone found at the crime scene is now in the hands of local authorities, according to an interview with a local Fox affiliate.

The kindness of others keeps Servicio de Inmigracion afloat after the fire

In their original Facebook post, the business wrote:

“Dear clients, we started the year a little badly but with the Grace of God we will get ahead.” They added, “I would like to inform you that due to this incident that occurred on January 2, 2023, our office will be closed until further notice.”

According to Vice, the local fire department put out the flames approximately 10 minutes after the initial ignition. Fortunately, the flames did some damage to the exterior of the building, but the minor interior damage was a result of smoke getting inside the building.

A GoFundMe posted recently already met its final goal of $5,000. The campaign raised more than $9,000 in three days. Many people were happy to help after seeing the arsonists get their comeuppance in real-time.

With the cellphone recovered from the scene, this seems like a pretty open-and-shut case. The duo behind the attack will surely be identified in the days to come.