Sasha Merci and David Alvarez have made their side hustles their full-time grind. The social media stars have turned what they love to do into their main source of income. The entrepreneurs are proof that the gig economy can bring financial success and independence like a regular 9 to 5. The two are hosting mitú’s “Side Hustle” and they are talking to the most interesting side hustles around.

Meet Sasha Merci

The Dominican-American comedian and social media star has been hustling for years with her craft. Since she was a child, Merci has been a creative person using her imagination and creative spirit to make the best of her childhood. Her creativity has helped her create a devoted following of fans who cannot get enough of her hilarious videos.

Merci first came to the attention of fans thanks to Instagram’s video feature.

Instagram’s video feature didn’t roll out until 2016 and Merci has made good work in those 4 years to create content. Merci’s hilariously relevant videos have amassed her 140,000 followers on Instagram. The New York native knows how to make content that truly speaks to our collective experience as young adults in this crazy world. It wasn’t long after starting her Instagram career that she co-created the web series “Dating Has No Merci.”

It is Merci’s web series “Dating Has No Merci” that helped to propel her career.

“Dating Has No Merci” is all about love and dating in the city. We all know the difficulties of trying to date while living in a major city or even a small town. “Dating Has No Merci” takes those issues and makes them something we can all laugh about. Dating sucks but watching someone else playfully fail along the way as well will make your situation seems just a little bit better.

Meet David Alvarez

David Alvarez is a Mexican-American comedian who rose to fame through YouTube. Alvarez started early on his YouTube career posting in 2012 and starting what would become a successful social media career. Alvarez has been at it for 8 years and his intention was to make sure that the side hustle became his full-time grind.

Alvarez has been giving the Internet the male-centric experience and it’s hilarious.

The comedian doesn’t shy away from keeping it close to his culture. Alvarez is proud of his Mexican roots and is always willing to let them be shown. With 537,000 subscribers, Alvarez is using his platform to spotlight Mexican culture, especially Latina moms, and celebrate them with audiences who don’t live the same experience.

The two side hustle successes are teaming up for mitú’s “Side Hustle.”

The two comedians dive deep into some of the most incredibly off the beaten path side hustles around. From cuddling to professional wrestling to food vending, “Side Hustle” is all about showing everyone that they can make the most of their side hustles. Who knows? You might be flirting with a new career whenever you do something to love.

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