It turns out that even physicians can be pretty sick.

Neonatal doctor Ronald Ilg of Spokane, Washington, is making headlines this week after his wife petitioned for a restraining order. Her petition claims that she and her estranged husband have been going through a divorce that goes far and beyond the normal realms of “difficult.” So much so that she fears for her life.

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In describing the “harassing behavior,” she chooses to be protected from Ilg’s wife, explains, “Respondent ordered a hit on me through the dark web to be kidnapped and drugged for seven days in an effort to force me to return to our marriage.”

Ilg is currently being held on federal charges on the basis of allegedly employing the dark web to have a hitman to kidnap and torture his wife until she went back to him.

According to the Daily Beast, Ronald Ilg is a 55-year-old physician who moved to Portland, Oregon, for medical training and then to a small community outside of Spokane, Washington. “He served as a neonatologist, caring for preterm infants, and worked his way up to chief medical director of a multistate neonatology management group,” reports Daily Beast, and “in 2007, he ran an unsuccessful campaign for the school board in Orchard Prairie’s 70-student school district, where he described himself as a ‘moderate conservative.’ (He received 38 votes; the top vote-getting candidate got 127.) He married and divorced a local woman, then remarried an esthetician 15 years his junior. Their son was born in 2018.”

According to Daily Beast, two years ago, Ilg began a BDSM affair with another woman. The woman eventually claimed the physician “trapped her in an underground bunker and forced her to sign a sex slave contract in blood.”

According to his second wife’s affidavits, Ilg put tracking devices on her own car and cellphone and threatened her if she refused his sexual demands.

In June 2020, Ilg’s second wife filed for divorce, which proved to only propel even more of his abusive behavior.

After being let go from his job in December, later that year (due to work complaints), Ilg sent his estranged wife a fleet of text messages in the hundreds begging her not to leave him. “Her attorney emailed his lawyer, asking for him to limit contact to conversations about their son, but he refused,” reports Daily Beast.

“Ron is spiraling and continues to get worse, to where now he is threatening to come to my home despite my opposition,” Ilg’s wife wrote in her application for a December 21 restraining order. “This has to stop.”

Ultimately, out of ideas on how to win back her affections, Ilg resorted to extreme measures and turned to the dark web.

Under the name, Scar215 made requests on a dark website for a hitman to visit his wife’s home and give her a “significant beating.”

Scar215 offered the “target’s name and home address, and placed nearly $2,000 in Bitcoin in escrow to be released when the job was done.” Court documents show that Ilg used the username multiple times to have hit men contact his wife and that his plan was to have his wife kidnapped “while her children were away, take her to a ‘secure location’ and inject her with heroin twice daily for a week, after which she would be taught to administer the injections herself and videotaped doing so as ‘bribery later.’”

Since his dealings, Ilg has been charged with attempted kidnapping, and his estranged wife has been granted her request for protection in April. Ilg was also barred from contacting or coming near her and their son.

Ilg’s trial is scheduled for October.