US Marshals tracked down two parents on their ‘Most Wanted’ list after a two-year search. The Marshals found the couple in Mexico just one month after putting them on the list.

The couple — 34-year-old Edgar Salvador Casian-Garcia and 38-year-old Araceli Medina — went into hiding in June 2021 with five of their children after abandoning two of their daughters in Tijuana in late 2020 and allegedly murdering their 7-year-old son, Edgar Jr.

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Hikers found the couple’s 7-year-old son in Washington

In February 2022, hikers discovered the remains of the couple’s 7-year-old son near the couple’s home in Franklin County, Washington. However, a year prior, the parents escaped to Mexico with their five kids. Three of the children were Medina’s from a previous marriage, while one of the children was an infant.

The Marshals believe the couple tortured Edgar Jr. to death after sex trafficking him. As for the two daughters found at a Tijuana gas station, the US Marshals said the girls looked like they endured “severe sexual and physical abuse,” according to a statement.

The older girl, who was eight when authorities found her in Tijuana, said their parents subjected them to “unimaginable torture,” according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The girl confirmed her parents raped her when they still lived in Washington state.

The parents allegedly trafficked and tortured their children

The Marshals are charging the couple with one count of aggravated first-degree murder, four counts of child rape, and three counts of first-degree child assault. Authorities believe the parents trafficked multiple children inside their home and regularly tortured them, as well.

After Edgar Jr.’s disappearance, the parents said he was living with his biological mother in California before they fled the country in June 2021. As of now, they are in the custody of Mexican law enforcement. They will face charges in the United States after being extradited by Mexican authorities.

All the couple’s surviving children are now in protective custody in the US.