The family of Jesús Ociel Baena Suceda, the first nonbinary magistrate in Mexico, mourned their death this morning in a ceremony in Aguascalientes. Officials announced Ociel’s death Monday morning. They found them alongside Dorian Nieves.

All throughout Mexico, in at least 40 cities, people gathered in demonstrations to demand justice for Ociel.

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They were chanting “Ni une más, Ni une más.” Videos of the demonstrations from Mexico City to Monterrey, show hundreds of people waving rainbow flags and paddle fans, an emblem of Ociel’s wardrobe.

LGBTQ+ activists are demanding justice and having Ociel’s death treated as a hate crime

In their initial investigation, the Office of the Attorney General of Aguascalientes deemed both deaths a “personal matter.” State prosecutor Jesús Figueroa Ortega said there were no clear signs of forced entry into their home.

“There are no signs or indications to be able to determine that a third person other than the two dead was at the site of the crime,” he said in a press conference Monday. Then, on Tuesday morning, Figueroa said in an interview that Nieves likely stabbed Ociel, then died in an apparent suicide.

As many activists and LGBTQ+ groups have pointed out, Mexico has a history of diminishing potential murder investigations as crimes of passion. Because of this, they are demanding this be treated as hate crime against a prominent member of the LGBTQ+ community.

The magistrate’s death shines a light on Mexico’s ongoing hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community

Ociel made history in October 2022 when they became the first nonbinary magistrate in a judicial position.

In June, they also became the first person to receive a Mexican non-binary passport with “X” marked under the gender. In the state court, Ociel became famous for their wardrobe, often showing up in heels, skirts, and a red lip.

Mexico has historically shown violence toward LGBTQ+ people. Letra S, a human rights group in Mexico, has documented a rise in hate crimes against trans, gay, lesbian and non-binary people in the country.

In 2022, there were 86 homicides among these groups with murders of trans women accounting for 54 percent.