Officials in the Mexican state of Guerrero announced Saturday that two journalists who were presumed missing last week have returned home safely. On November 22, a missing person’s report was filed for Silvia Nayssa Arce, and her husband, Alberto Sánchez in Taxco, Guerrero.

While authorities have not shared details of the disappearances, Nayssa Arce’s sister, Julissa Arce, posted on Facebook that they were kidnapped by “armed men.”

Arce and Sánchez are journalists from the local news site, “Redsiete.”

Julissa Arce shared both journalists returned home safely

On social media, Julissa posted that the two journalists are now back home with their three kids. “I pray for every person who has experienced this to be returned to their families,” she wrote.

Julissa is a well-known Mexican-American writer who used her platform to amplify the story of her missing family members. After sharing the news of their return, she thanked Mexican authorities for their work in finding her sister- and brother-in-law.

She also mentioned they “continue in their efforts to help return two other people who are kidnapped the same week.”

Authorities are still searching for two other journalists who are missing

Around the same time, another journalist, Marco Antonio Toledo Jaimes, also went missing on November 19 along with his wife, Guadalupe Denova and his son Alberto.

Toledo is the editor of another publication in Taxco, “Espectador de Taxco.” According to authorities, he and his wife have been found but they are still searching for their son.

Mexico is considered one of the most dangerous countries for journalists. In the first six months of 2023, three journalists were killed in Mexico because of their work, the Human Rights Group Articulo 19 states. Since 2000, 161 journalists have been murdered. One is attacked every 16 hours.