A mayor in Mexico decided to tackle corruption by confronting the problem head-on and taking action in her municipality. Norma Layón, the municipal president of San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, gained widespread attention on social media by sharing a video where she dressed in sports attire, wore a wig and dark sunglasses to catch police officers extorting money from citizens.

While traveling in a red van, the municipal president and her team were stopped, and she took the opportunity to record the incident on her phone.

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Layón had the ingenious idea after receiving multiple reports of extortion through Facebook and WhatsApp

In the video recorded on September 12, Layón explains it all began when citizens started messaging her on social media, reporting that they were being extorted when traveling in vehicles without Puebla license plates.

In the recording, we can see when she hears the officer asking the driver for money. That’s when she stepped out of the vehicle and began questioning the officer about the reasoning behind them being stopped.

A few minutes later, she removed her wig, revealing her identity. After obtaining the names of her superiors, she announced their discharge from the institution.

Also, she approached the head of the traffic municipal department to inform him about what had just occurred and asked if this was part of his instructions, which he denied.

“No lying, no stealing, no betraying. We are here to serve the citizens, not steal from them,” Layón concluded in her video speech.

People are calling for more mayors such as Layón, calling her an example

After the viral video, Layón spoke in an interview on the morning show “Despierta” and stated that she was not afraid, but felt angry. She understood that “someone had to dare to do it” since the country has grappled with this problem for years.

Explaining the idea came to her on the morning of the operation. She found a wig at home and took the sports clothes from her son’s closet.

An act of this nature stirred reactions from users on social media who have expressed their admiration for the mayor’s bravery and inspirational speech defending the interests of citizens.

Some are pointing out the country’s authorities should protect her so she can continue this type of work. “100% protect this woman at all costs! Claro que si,” a TikTok user wrote.

Meanwhile, others feel relieved to have someone in power who represents and defends them. “It’s good that evidence is being presented, and those who deserve sanctions should receive them,” they wrote on X.

While others on Instagram agree they should repeat this operation in other parts of the country.”Congratulations! They should carry these initiatives out in all municipalities and states.”