Democratic nominee Joe Biden is the next president of the United States of America. Four days after Election Day, Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania was enough to push him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

Joe Biden is projected to be the 46th president fo the United States of America.

The Democratic nominee delivered a decisive victory with Pennsylvania pushing the Biden/Harris ticket over the top. Biden has so far flipped Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona to defeat President Donald Trump. So far, Biden has earned 74,857,880 votes. This means that Biden beat President Trump in the popular vote by 4,259,345 votes. The nation waited for days as Pennsylvania worked to count through mail-in ballots.

This is the third time that Biden has run to be president. It has been a journey of more than 30 years that led Biden to this victory. It is a fitting end that The Keystone State, Biden’s home state, that put him over the top. It is where Biden started his Scranton vs. Park Avenue style of politics.

People are elated to see Biden win the presidency.

For four years, marginalized communities and minorities have felt attacked by the Trump administration. A Biden administration marks an end to the hurt, pain, and fear. Instead, millions of Americans are filled with hope as Biden supporters take to the streets to celebrate his victory.

Emotions are high as many are filled with relief.

Lizzo is a reflection of America today. Emotions are high as millions feel like better days are finally on the horizon. After a tense week, millions are breathing a sigh of relief after watching the democratic system at work to elect a new president after one term of President Trump.

History was made today.

The highest number of Americans voted ever before to deliver a definitive repudiation of President Trump and his administration. Kamala Harris makes history as the first woman, first Black, and first Asian-American vice president. Young girls and women of color can look to the highest jobs in the and and see themselves represented.

Congratulations to the Biden/Harris campaign. This was not an easy victory but history will remember it as a well-earned victory.

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