Photos: agbecerra/Instagram; Public Domain

President Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is just days away and the entire country is buzzing with the prospect of change. Joe Biden ran his campaign on a message of unity and healing, and part of that message included a promise for more diversity in his upcoming administration. 

As he stated in his victory speech, his campaign was supported by “the broadest and most diverse coalition in history.”

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“I said at the outset, I wanted to represent this campaign to represent and look like America,” he stated. “We’ve done that. Now that’s what I want the administration to look like and act like.”

Communities of color across the country were crossing their fingers that Biden would follow his word and appoint a diverse staff for his upcoming administration. And that appears to be just what Biden is doing. 

Biden has assembled an incredibly diverse group of people to fill his administration, including his cabinet. Although his cabinet picks have not become official yet (they must be confirmed by the Senate), we know who Biden’s nominations are. Here is a round up of all of the Latinos set to be in Joe Biden’s administration.

Xavier Becerra – Secretary of Health and Human Services

Photo: agbecerra/Instagram

Born in Sacramento to Mexican parents, Xavier Beccera is currently the Attorney General of California. Before that, he was a California Congressman from 1993 to 2017. Beccera is an especially important cabinet pick because he will be tasked with guiding the U.S. to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alejandro Mayorkas – Secretary of Homeland Security

Photo: Public Domain

Alejandro Mayorkas is Biden’s Cuban-born pick for Secretary of Homeland Security. This position oversees both U.S. Customs and Border Protection (including Border Patrol) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (aka ICE). If confirmed, Mayorkas will be the first Latino and the first immigrant to fill this position.

Miguel Cardona – Secretary of Education

Photo: Getty Images

Miguel Cardonna has been Connecticut’s commissioner of education since 2019. According to Biden, he chose Cardonna because the Boricua educator will “strive to eliminate long-standing inequities and close racial and socioeconomic opportunity gaps” within America’s educational system.

Julie Chávez Rodriguez – Director, Office of Intergovernmental Affairs

Photo: Public Domain

Previously Biden’s deputy campaign manager, as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, Rodriguez will “provide coordination between the White House and state and local governments.” The granddaughter of Chicano activist César Chávez, Rodriguez has the political pedigree to back up her resume.

Julissa Reynoso Pantaleon – Chief of Staff for the First Lady

Photo: Public Domain

Dominican-American attorney and former diplomat Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón will serve as incoming First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s Chief of Staff. “I wanted someone with heart and a passion for public service, ” Dr. Biden told NBC News. “I found all of that and more in Julissa–an accomplished diplomat, legal expert, and strategist.”