For Heidy Infante, granddaughter of Pedro Infante, returning to the stage will not be easy. The singer of La Nueva Sonora told the media she fears for her life after she was attacked on stage during her concert in Iztapalapa last Saturday, March 4.

In a video that went viral on social media over the weekend, you can see how what seemed like any other concert ended in a fuss between Heidy Infante and musician Yian Lopez Semanat.

In the images, Infante is in the middle of a song when a man appears on stage. He is trying to touch the musicians accompanying the singer. 

“He jumps on stage like that as if nothing, he starts singing; I get upset because I say ‘what’s going on.’ I see him very upset — you can tell when a person is drunk or addicted or something like that,” revealed Heidy in an interview with Azucena Uresti. “I ask him to get off. He starts attacking me with how he sings and moves.”


@Heidyinfantee 🤡 nieta de Pedro Infante, pasó un mal momento durante un show en la alcaldía Iztapalapa. Esto se dio en el marco del 8M. . . . #HeidyInfante #PedroInfante #Cantante #Famosa #Legado #Mujer #DíaInternacionalDeLaMujer #8M #Iztapalapa #CDMX

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A two-version story?

However, users on social media have stressed that there may have been more effective ways to remedy the situation.

“I saw that she grabbed him [the buttocks] first,” said one user. “So that hand doesn’t count? Only [does it count] that he touched her from the front?”

“Nothing justifies the man hitting her,” another user said. “If we’re being fair, she touched him first.”

“They should both go to the can for disrespecting the public,” said another.

Infante later told the media she was left with an open head wound and neck injuries.


Su agresor de nombre Yian Lopez Semanat quedó en libertad, queremos justicia @Heidyinfantee 🤡 #heidyinfante #8m #justicia #parati

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“I have hurt my neck, my ear is open, and I don’t hear very well,” said the singer in an interview with “Ventaneando.”

Similarly, Heidy Infante said the aggressor was released despite having filed a complaint.

“The public security arrives, and they take him away. When I go to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the policemen do not know how to tell me what is happening. He was not there (…) I want to see him behind bars. I do not know what the consequences will be, and I am afraid”, said Heidy Infante.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of musician Yian Lopez warned that singer Heidy Infante will be sued for allegedly provoking his client to assault her.

Who is Heidy Infante?

The 44-year-old singer from Mexico City has made a name for herself on the national stage. 

Heidy Infante is the daughter of America Infante, the unrecognized daughter of singer Pedro Infante and Isabel Navarro. The actor only recognized five biological children, including Guadalupe, Graciela Margarita, Pedro, Guadalupe Torrentera, and Irma Infante.

Despite bearing the name of the Mexican music and film icon, Heidy Infante has made her own way. She has been a professional cumbia singer and is the frontwoman of the group Heidy Infante y la Nueva Sonora.

“I choose the cumbia genre because there is a very representative song by my grandfather. Pedro Infante is my inspiration. He was the boyfriend of all the women of Mexico. I think I can be the granddaughter of many women of Mexico,” said Heidy Infante in her video for the talent show “La Voz.”

Heidy Infante has also worked in film, radio, dubbing, television, and theater. She has been a backup singer for Lupita D’Alessio, José José, Lucero, Manuel Mijares, and Ricardo Arjona.