A bodega employee named Jose Alba, 61, who defended himself against 35-year-old attacker Austin Simon was reportedly stabbed by Simon’s girlfriend immediately following the altercation, a new video reveals.

The Blaze reports that the confrontation began after Simon’s girlfriend’s benefits card was denied, causing Alba to take back a bag of chips she was trying to buy for her daughter. Simon then intervened, going behind the counter and threatening Alba.

According to the New York Post, Alba defended himself from Simon with a knife, ultimately stabbing and killing him after Simon went behind the counter to intimidate and hurt Alba. Security footage from the store reveals Alba pleading with Simon to not start any trouble, saying, “Papa, I don’t want a problem,” before eventually grabbing a knife from under the counter and using it on Simon.

A new video from that night shows Simon’s girlfriend pulling a knife out of her purse and stabbing Alba in the shoulder and hand after he killed Simon. Alba was arrested for murder and was initially held on a $250,000 bail.

Simon’s girlfriend has yet to be identified and no charges have been brought against her. Authorities say she denied stabbing Alba at the scene.

Alba was initially charged with second-degree murder, but the prosecution ultimately agreed to a reduction in bail, which was then set at $50,000.

The Post reports that Alba is currently at home under supervision from local authorities.

The bodega worker was released after agreeing to wear an ankle bracelet and surrender his passport. He is also not allowed to leave the five boroughs of New York City. His court date is set for July 20. “He has every intention to return to court and defend this case,” said Alba’s attorney, Danielle Jackson.

A native of the Dominican Republic who came to the United States more than three decades ago, local politicians and United Bodegas of America have rallied around Alba and are calling for all charges to be dropped.

UBA member Fernando Mateo said, “Our city is in crisis, and at this point, we are just fed up with people robbing, looting, attacking, assaulting, killing our small business owners.”

Upwards of 20 friends and family members came to Alba’s defense on Thursday during his initial hearing. Simon’s family, on the other hand, were devastated by the characterization of Simon as a career criminal and a violent man, despite being on parole for aggravated assault and assault in a domestic dispute, as well as assault of a police officer.

Guardian Angels founder and one-time mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa said, “Jose Alba should be getting a Congressional Medal of Honor,” adding, “Instead, he’s locked up on Rikers and this is all Alvin Bragg. He turns loose real criminals and he incarcerates victims who fight back. What kind of a message is this?”