Arizona electrician Guadalupe Solano is still “in shock” after being berated and slapped while working by property contractor Brent Hospelhorn.

As a viral TikTok video Solano posted shows, Hospelhorn hurled insults at Solano and struck her. His motive? According to Solano’s video, a cabinet was scratched.

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While the assault occurred last Tuesday, the video was posted one day later. Amassing nearly 8 million views, the frightening clip was reposted by community-helping influencers like Edin Alex Enamorado and Carlos Eduardo Espina.

Although the viral recording is bringing Solano justice, she explained to Univision that Phoenix police took more than “two hours to arrive,” and she expected more.

Hospelhorn was charged with assault after berating and slapping Solano

As you can see in the video, Solano was on the job on Tuesday, May 16, at a construction property in North Phoenix.

You can hear him scream, “Leave! Get the f*ck out of my building right now.” At that point, he cruelly slaps the electrician, calling her a “F*cking b*tch.”

Moments later, the contractor walks back and forth, saying, “This is f*cking bullsh*t.” His unsettling tantrum continues, telling Solano, “F*ck you.”

The video is disturbing and triggering to watch — but it has been crucial to getting the mother of three the justice she deserves.

As Solano wrote in the video, “Impotence… No one can treat you like this, not because he’s the boss, simply because the cabinet got scratched.”

The tens of thousands of comments were swift. One wrote, “That’s a good lawsuit! Civil lawsuit and arrest for assault. Get his money.” Another agreed, “That contractor needs a good lesson.” Yet another chimed in, “That’s technically an assault, you better sue him.”


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Once Solano’s video went viral, TikTokers like @carlos_eduardo_espina helped her cause. As he explained on his page, he spoke to Solano and put her in contact with lawyers to help her. He even donated money to her “because she probably won’t be able to work for a while.”

As per AZ Central, Hospelhorn has been charged with misdemeanor assault in connection to the incident.

Solano felt “humiliated” by the incident and is still “in shock”

As Solano explained to Univision, Hospelhorn’s verbal and physical attack left her feeling “humiliated” and “discriminated” against.

“He insulted me and then hit me,” she told the outlet. “I was scared that the man would do something else. We work in construction with tools that he could have used [on me].”

As per Solano, she called Phoenix police, who took “more than two hours” to arrive.

“I think they should have acted more extreme because it was criminal,” she said.

On social media, many people continue to call for justice, with information spreading about how Hospelhorn was allegedly not arrested but later charged. However, Phoenix police denies those claims, saying that was an “inaccurate narrative.”

Phoenix PD explained that the contractor was arrested for assault, cited, released on site and then “recommended for charges.” Okay. While he was reportedly charged with misdemeanor assault, it seems like Hospelhorn was never booked into jail.

Hospelhorn now awaits his court date on May 26. Still, there are questions on social media about why the contractor wasn’t booked into jail — and what would’ve happened if roles were reversed. Plus, social media users like @enamoradoalex_ expressed their worry that police not putting the contractor in jail could negatively affect Solano’s legal fight.

Plus, as TikToker @carlos_eduardo_espina pointed out, “What kind of arrest is that anyway? It seems like he got a ticket.”

Solano plans to fight for justice, telling Univision: “Simply because he’s the owner of a construction company… he can’t humiliate someone like that.” The outlet also says she already has legal representation.


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Solano also told her followers on TikTok, “I want to thank everyone who has shared my video, sending supportive messages.” Continuing, “I will keep you informed about what happens in the case.”