A woman in Pennsylvania went viral after unleashing a racist tirade against a Latino employee working at a pizzeria in a Philadelphia suburb. The woman was picking up food from Amy’s Pizzeria and Italian restaurant, located in Hatboro, when she noticed the Latino employees watching a Spanish-language channel on TV.

“Karen” goes wild at a pizzeria

She immediately accused the store’s manager of being an “illegal immigrant” and proceeded to tell them that he is “not American.” She then threatens to “look you the f–k up and get you the f—k out of our town. F—k you.”

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She gives the employees the middle finger a couple of times and says, “My father was a World War II veteran, okay? His friends and family, so you could sit here right now and make money.”

Throughout the video, the woman — identified as Rita Frances Bellew by popular social media poster TizzyEnt — hurls racist and vitriolic comments at the employees before calling them victims.

Eventually, she acknowledges the camera and begins insulting the employee taking the video. The employee calls her racist and Bellew immediately fires back, calling the employee a victim as well as a racist, herself. Bellew then begins filming the employee filming her.

The employee says, “So you’re gonna share with everybody that you’re racist?”

The internet shows her no mercy

In addition to doxxing her almost immediately, the internet had no qualms about dragging Bellew online. One poster on Twitter knew who the woman was… because they went to high school together.

It’s pretty crazy how quickly the internet is able to identify someone. Additionally, the way they find their identifying information in a matter of hours.

Anddd… the internet claps back in the best way possible

However, many people are also choosing to move forward with positivity, focusing instead on the opportunity to give Amy’s Pizzeria their business!

Some people thought Bellew was actually drunk when she went to go pick up her order. In the video, Bellew’s speech is slurred and she appears to be at least slightly disoriented.

As of now, local police already have Bellew’s identity and they are currently investigating the situation. Amy’s Pizzeria is asking their supporters to refrain from misidentifying other people now that the police are involved.

Watch the full video of Bellew’s racist tirade here: