The leaves are changing, the time we all fear is here. No, it’s not novio season… It’s time to file your tax return. 

Let’s face it, taxes can be scary. They slowly creep up on you, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, next thing you know you’re tearing your house apart trying to find all your W-2s. But fear not, there’s no reason to be afraid of taxes. Luckily for you, mitú and H&R Block have teamed up to give you all the tips and tricks you need to prepare for filing your taxes like a boss. 

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I have no idea how or where I’m going to find all the documents I need to file my taxes.

The amount of paperwork people think they need to gather can be intimidating, but to avoid getting overwhelmed and doing everything in Latino time, just take a few minutes to see what documents you need with the H&R Block checklist. This list will fully prepare you to file your taxes with H&R Block Online or if you choose to file with an H&R Block tax pro in person, you’ll be ready in no time. 

I’m shy and intimidated by doing my taxes in person. 

Some of us don’t like the idea of spending time with a stranger or having them ask us questions about our finances. Although the people at H&R Block know their stuff and are very friendly (I mean, have you seen how funny Tax Pro Ramon is?!), you can file your own taxes in the comfort and privacy of your home by using H&R Block Online. They even offer help from a tax expert if you get stuck. So, just take a breather and play some music to get you in the right headspace. We recommend J.Lo’s “Yo Quiero Dinero.”

Nobody has time for that and filing taxes myself is going to take all day. 

Wrong again! Filing taxes used to be a huge ordeal where mom and dad would stuff all of our siblings inside their Caravan minivan and we had to wait in line for looong time and then shuffle a ton of paperwork on the tax preparer’s desk. It was such a long day and so boring. Now, you can make an appointment on your schedule; H&R Block is open early and late, and even on weekends. They also offer drop off, so your tax pro can prepare your taxes as you binge a couple of episodes of your favorite show. 

I have no idea what I’m doing!

Listen, most of us aren’t tax pros so it’s completely normal to feel a little lost. Not to worry though, H&R Block’s tax pros will take as much or as little time as you want no matter how complex or simple your return. They also have Spanish-speaking tax pros. Just check online to find a location. You’ll even be able to work with the same tax pro year over year. Or, if you want to do your own taxes, H&R Block Online provides easy step-by-step instructions and has tax pros available to chat if you have questions.  

How do I know my tax preparer is legit and really knows what they’re doing?

This is a very valid concern especially if you grew up like me, going to one of your mom’s comadre’s neighbor who suddenly became a tax person when it was time to file. You can be assured that H&R Block’s tax pros are trained to find you every deduction you deserve, so you get your maximum refund. H&R Block’s tax pros have on average 12 years of experience and hundreds of hours of training. And, the tax preparation experience is completely transparent – you will always know your price before you begin. You can also follow along on your own screen to eliminate any uncertainty throughout the process.