The unity of a family is a treasure that not all Latinos can enjoy, unfortunately. To transform this reality, a Mexican TikToker went the extra mile to reunite his grandparents with his dad and siblings.

Romaldo traveled to Mexico to pick up his fraternal grandparents and shared an endearing video on his TikTok account capturing the emotional journey of them boarding the plane to reunite with their loved ones.

The young man revealed his grandmother’s uncontainable joy, stating she hadn’t slept for days knowing she was so close to seeing her loved ones after being apart for 23 years.

The emotional multi-generational reunion was filled with tears of joy

“Couldn’t imagine being so close but apart for years. Finally reunited; I have been waiting for this moment for my dad for as long as I can remember,” the influencer said on the clip featuring the family at the airport. They received the senior couple with flowers, hugs and tears of happiness.

The touching moment quickly went viral on the platform, drawing TikTok users’ attention where they shared messages of support and love for the family. Some even told their stories of living far from their loved ones, connecting their personal experiences with the heartfelt reunion.

A common shared sacrifice many latinos who move to the U.S have to make. Couldnt imagine not being able to see my parents in over 20yrs.. #mexicantiktok #traveling #mexicanparentscheck #mexico🇲🇽

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“Haven’t seen mine in over four years… you’re making me cry. I can’t imagine my baby doing something like this someday,” wrote a user.

Another added, “I was so happy for my father when he could return to Peru after 25 years. He healed something in him, even though his parents died before.”

Many expressed how they wish their grandparents were still alive to share moments with them: “My excitement for you is over the roof! I wish my grandparents lived longer so I could’ve done the same,” one user said.

Latinos across the country were inspired to share their own reunions

Part 2, finally a reunited mexican family who in a different world would live side by side if possible.. #mexicanstruggles #mexicanlife #mexicanfamilyreunion #family #dreamcometrue 🇲🇽🇺🇸

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Romaldo is making waves on TikTok, and many are approaching to ask questions about how this was possible. With over 11 million views only on the first video, the Internet is looking to replicate these reunions.

Additionally, people inquired about the visa process, to which the influencer recommended contacting an immigration lawyer to speed up the legal procedure. “They just need all their other paperwork done, like passport and COVID shots,” he explained in one comment. 

“Immigration lawyers, not that expensive either; if they haven’t been here before, they will probably get approved,” he added in another post.