“That ‘70s Show” actor Wilmer Valderrama, 42, just shared adorable new details about his home life alongside fiancée Amanda Pacheco and their super-cute 20-month-old daughter Nakano Oceana. 

Giving details about how they are raising their daughter with Spanish as her first language, the Venezuelan-Colombian actor explains Nakano Oceana has her own sort of “sign language” as she learns to speak.

Valderrama told E! News that their daughter is “learning a new word or way of expression” every day, and even has “this sign language” now as she begins to make sounds. With Spanish at the forefront, also counting with Pacheco being half-Mexican, Nakano Oceana has “the sign language of saying ‘más comidas.’” We understand her more than words can say!

Explaining that the toddler will say “más comidas” and other sayings “that are super cute,” there’s no doubt the engaged couple is enjoying every part of raising their daughter. And it’s not just about milestones in their household — it’s also about having fun.

Valderrama says he and his daughter are two peas in a pod when it comes to being “crazy clowns”: “As soon as I come to the house, we’re screaming, we’re running around, we’re both dancing.” And the father-daughter duo aren’t just dancing to any old song — nope, they’re both “listening to the ‘Encanto’ soundtrack.” We might not talk about Bruno, but we’ll talk about our adoration for the actor all day long!

Even cuter? Yes, it’s possible. Nakano Oceana apparently “knows how to salsa dance already,” meaning “daddy and daughter dance every night.” Yup, we’re swooning. 

The “NCIS” actor is all about women’s empowerment too, and revels in being “a girl dad.” He told the outlet, “It’s been very exciting and fun and very humbling to have the responsibility of taking care of this future powerful woman.” In fact, he said “there’s nothing more exciting,” describing how “it’s just so fun.” 

With salsa dancing to tracks like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and maybe even “The Family Madrigal,” we see why!

Plus, it seems like Nakano Oceana isn’t the only member of the household who’s hard at work learning Spanish — Pacheco recently admitted she’s brushing up on her Spanish skills, too. The couple explained to Parents that Valderrama switched from English to Spanish when first speaking to Pacheco upon hearing she was part Mexican — but she’s actually “not fluent.”

The model and scuba divemaster explained her solution: “I had Wilmer on my phone in one hand, and my dad translating for me on another phone in my other hand! We always joke that Wilmer and my dad are really the ones who fell in love with each other.” 

One courtship, engagement, and adorable baby later, and Pacheco is learning Spanish right alongside her bundle of joy.