Amid her divorce from Joe Manganiello, 46, Sofia Vergara, 51, isn’t too keen on jokes about her single status. Especially if someone makes a joke about her divorce on live television. Pero porqué?

In fact, the Colombian actress recently walked off the stage during an episode of “America’s Got Talent.” Her reason? Well, her co-star Howie Mandel’s, 67, admittedly strange joke about her being on the market again.

During Wednesday’s episode of “America’s Got Talent,” Vergara was told to sit on a Sonic-branded tater tot chair… and that wasn’t even the weirdest part. In fact, the tater tot chair actually served as a makeshift lie detector test. And while it was a funny bit, let’s just say it got awkward quick.

This is how Sofia Vergara reacted to her “AGT” co-host joking about her singlehood

As you can see in this video by ET Canada, Vergara sat on a tater tot throne on the “AGT” stage, ready for her lie detector test:

The moment was funny enough, because well, it’s Sofia Vergara — a clear comic powerhouse. Once hooked up to the lie detector, co-host Simon Cowell asked her, “Is Simon always right?”

Vergara replied tentatively, “Yes,” which was “not true.”

“This woman is ruining everything for me,” Vergara joked, referring to the woman in charge of the lie detector. LOL. Plus, as per the test, Vergara actually has more fun hosting “America’s Got Talent” than her time starring in “Modern Family.”

Even more? It turns out that Vergara would actually prefer to push Cowell off a cliff than Mandel. Still, maybe that changed once Mandel made that awkward joke about her new single life.

As you can see in the video in question, Mandel asked Vergara while on stage: “Do you see anybody in the audience tonight that you’re interested in?”

The actress, looking visibly uncomfortable, replied: “That’s it,” and stopped the game.

Even worse, though? This isn’t the first time Mandel has joked about her divorce. In fact, another recent clip from “America’s Got Talent” shows him telling a contestant: “If I have one word of advice, if you’re looking for eligible bachelors, you should talk to Sofia.”

“Because she’s on the market right now,” he added.

As you can expect, people have many thoughts about Mandel’s live-air comments on Vergara’s divorce. One X user wrote that Mandel threw a “major shot” at her:

Another said that the actress “isn’t in the market for another man/child,” referring to how she is “self-made”:

Yet another user added about the controversy, “Shame on Howie Mandel. Women’s worth and identities are not connected to whether or not they are in a relationship.”

Mandel’s response to the backlash, though? He’s not too fazed about it. “No, I was helping Sofia,” he told ET.

“Sofia is on the market, ready and eager,” he said. “It’s not too soon. It’s too soon when she’s still married. Last season was too soon.”

“As soon as she’s free, as soon as they live in separate homes, the door is open, people.”

“She came over and thought it was funny,” Mandel explained.