Holy frijoles! It’s tengo miedo season! And if you haven’t gotten your dose of espooky stories just yet, no te preocupes, fam. Your primos here at mitú have just the stuff that’ll make you cuddle up with your teddy bear real quick. So, light one of your holy candles and grab a stash of your favorite dulces from Ricolino and Vero, because you’re gonna need them to get over el susto from reading these 3 creepy stories sent over by…well, you guys. Yep. These are real spooky stories submitted by mitú followers and they were so terrifying we couldn’t read them alone…so, now y’all have to read them too.

1) I was having trouble falling asleep in our hotel room in old Vegas. My wife had fallen asleep for some time when I suddenly heard the faucet turn on and off in the bathroom by itself. At first I thought I must have heard the bathroom from the room next door, because the walls were thin, but I slowly crept to the bathroom and saw the sink was wet all over. I began to feel uneasy and got back into bed. That’s when the creepiest thing happened. My wife was still in deep sleep when her head slowly turned to face me and in a deep and grave voice she said the words “A DORMIR” [Go to sleep]. The moment was so terrifying and surreal I instinctively closed my eyes tight and turned away. I stayed that way until I fell asleep.

The next morning I told my wife everything that had happened and she said she had the worst nightmare that a dark figure was standing in the corner of our room. She screamed for me to wake up over and over, but I didn’t respond to her voice.

2) I was visiting Mexico when one night at 3AM I woke up coughing and it was hard to breathe. I looked out the window and there was a shadow of a tall man. I tried to scream but no sound came out and all I could do was blink rapidly. Then… it disappeared. I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. 

3) I was hanging out at home when I heard a loud beep outside. My heart jumped. That sound could only mean one thing… My mom was home. A quick flash of memory slapped my brain. She had asked me to take out the carne from the freezer a couple hours ago and I had not. I went into panic and ran across the kitchen, opened the freezer and I put it in the sink but it was hopeless. I knew there was no way it would defrost. I heard the keys jingle as my mom was about to open the door. I just stood there and prepared to take whatever was coming next. My mom came in the door and then—- FIN (cliffhanger).

YOU MADE IT! You survived those really scary stories. And that last one was especially horrifying. Enjoy the Halloween season, familia. And whether you’re trick or treating or hanging back at home, treat yourself to your favorite childhood dulces and enjoy a Paleta Payaso or Vero Mango from Ricolino and Vero (you really can’t go wrong with any of their dulces). This holiday is full of fun and scares, but it’s not complete until you take a bite out of that chocolate coated marshmallow or savor that spicy and tangy mango paleta that filled our childhood with memories of piñatas, primos, and happiness. 

Feliz Halloween!