One woman just went viral on X for sharing a sweet story that involves a foreman, a burrito, and how “amazing” Guatemalan mothers are. We’ll explain!

@abby4thepeople‘s post yesterday has already amassed hundreds of thousands of likes— with countless users feeling very invested in her story. So what happened? Well, as she explained, it all started when she smelled some incredible burritos coming from a nearby construction site.

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“Yesterday, I asked the guys who are doing construction near my office where their burritos were from,” she described. “They always smell so good.”

Were the burritos from one of the best spots in town? Well, yes and no. As the workers explained to her, the foreman’s mom made the burritos for all of them. While she was “disappointed” to hear that she couldn’t just buy these fire burritos, she continued about her day.

Well, that turned out to be just the beginning of the heartwarming story— and the start of a beautiful friendship. Here’s everything to know about the burrito tale, which some users say reminds them of a Hallmark movie.

“Wrapped In Love” it is!

The X user described how she ended up receiving a special burrito surprise

As @abby4thepeople described in her viral post, she was initially “disappointed” she couldn’t just buy the workers’ burritos from a nearby restaurant. That is, until the foreman’s Guatemalan mom decided to make her a burrito, too.

“[It] was disappointing until this morning,” she described. “When the foreman came running over to give me the burrito his mom had insisted he bring me.”

What was the catalyst for this mom being so generous to a stranger, you may ask? “He told her I complimented her cooking.” Ah, there it is. There’s nothing a Latina mom loves more than compliments on her most-prized dishes… and nothing we love more than eating those dishes.

As the X user put it, “Sometimes being a nosey b**ch pays off and also that Guatemalan moms are amazing.” We don’t know about the nosey part, but when it comes to Guatemalan moms, no lies detected!

But wait— it gets better.

The user also shared how the delicious burrito came with a special note inside. Handwritten by the foreman’s mother, Rosa, it read: “My son is very charming, and a hard worker, and he is single. Coma con gusto!” Bon appetit.

As Abby hilariously explained, “Guatemalan moms are devious and sneaky and very good at hiding notes inside burritos.” Anyone who has a Guatemalan mom can probably attest to this!

“Incredible work on [Rosa’s] part, 10/10,” the user added.

As one person replied to this heartwarming story, “I need to be more nosey.” It looks like we all do.

People can’t stop reacting to this cute story, saying it reminds them of a “Hallmark movie”

As you can imagine, people can’t stop replying to this viral story— it’s just that cute. For one, it’s inspiring a whole lot of people to go for some burritos right now:

Move over catcalls, we’ve moved on to messages inside burritos, thank you:

Meanwhile, other users just can’t get over the “romantic comedy potential” of this entire exchange. Who is working on this script? And why is the only possible title for it “Wrapped in Love”?

While we would switch on “Wrapped in Love” any day of the week (with a burrito as a snack, of course), we would also go for the alternate title, “The Christmas Burrito.”

Are we sensing a sequel? Well, that would be “The Christmas Tamal,” of course:

This story is also bringing to mind all our moms’ best cooking, as well as that of our abuelitas. One X user reminisced, “My [abuela] used to make breakfast tacos for all the workers at my grandfather’s iron company every morning. They were the freaking best.”

And actually… this is the “How I Met Your Mother” finale we all needed.

Us, though? We need photo evidence of this bomb burrito.