As you might have already seen peppered all over your social media feeds, today is Twosday — written out numerically as 2/22/22.

It is a palindrome date, meaning it reads exactly the same whether reading it left to right or right to left, plus it consists of just the number two.

Even cooler? It’s an ambigram too, read the same way upside down if looking at the date on a calculator. Plus, the entire world is experiencing the palindrome at the same time, no matter if you write your dates with the month or day first.

As per the National Weather Service, this won’t happen again until the year 2422, as in 400 years from now — so we’re definitely celebrating!

People from all over the world are awaiting the biggest palindromes of all, when the clock strikes 2:22 A.M., 2:22 P.M., or 22:22, which is military time for 10:22 P.M.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and even Google is getting in on the fun: googling the word “Twosday” or the date “2/22/22” will send rainbow confetti all over your search feed.

Professor of electrical engineering at the University of Portland in Oregon Aziz Inan explained to CNN that this is the most exceptional palindrome date in more than 10 years — with many of us remembering the special significance of 11/11/11.

Couples from all over the world are flocking to chapels to tie the knot on this special day — it is the day of perfect two’s after all.

While November 11, 2011 was Las Vegas’s second busiest wedding date of all time, February 22, 2022 is expected to follow suit. And, miraculously enough, a baby was born today, 2/22/22, at exactly 2:22 A.M. in North Carolina in a hospital’s room number 2, which has people’s heads spinning. 

So what is the spiritual significance of this date?

As explained by Bustle, numerologists say 2/22/22 is about “community and collaboration” since it is uniquely made up of just the number two — the number of unity and connection. This is an optimistic date, with positivity at its center, and it is a time to think about manifesting better relationships, teamwork, and clarity if you currently have a big choice to make.

Numerologist Josh Siegel told the outlet, “the purpose of the 2s is to learn cooperation and harmony and to reestablish a point of balance.”

So how exactly to celebrate this extremely unique date? Well, for starters, it’s also Taco Tuesday and National Margarita Day, so we’re definitely manifesting alongside some tacos al pastor and a spicy jalapeño margarita —because life is about #balance.

While we have that going, we’re also ringing in Pluto’s return to the United States, which happens every 248 years and is said to be connected to major transformations. Meanwhile, Siegel says “[we should] all use this general time frame to do our part to see the other as not so different from ourselves and find some point of mutual understanding.” 2/22/22 is all about peace: whether setting intentions for renewal and positivity this year, figuring out what decisions can bring you and your loved ones tranquility, and figuring out how to do good for others, too. 

As TikToker @itstaniamarisa says, “this is a time to be calm and in alignment with your own decisions and thoughts. Be patient, be present.” She explains, “the opportunity to manifest positive change and transformation into your life is amplified.”

So while we bring in all the positive energy to our lives today, we’re sure some tequila and carne asada won’t hurt either!