Tom Cruise embarks on a thrilling new mission, leaving fans excited to witness the beloved actor resurrect Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.”

At the world premiere in Rome, Italy the actor engaged in a lively conversation on the red carpet with mitú’s own Jessica Ruvalcaba.

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The Director of Social and Editorial Content gave the actor a new mission: she invited him to play with a traditional Mexican toy, the balero.

Although Cruise was praised for performing some of the most difficult stunts in his latest film, this Latin classic was a whole other animal. Did he have the dexterity necessary for this game? Could he capture the elusive wooden barrel as it gracefully spins through the air using only a stick? We have all the deets.

Tom Cruise confessed his training with the balero dates back several years

Wearing a sophisticated blue suit, the ever-daring 60-year-old, determined to impress his fans, wasted no time delving into the task.

“This is very hard,” he said, trying to achieve the goal. “Ok, we are going to be here forever. Just know I trained for months, sometimes years and this is the first time on camera.”

“That was close,” he added, giving it one last shot.

After five attempts, the actor could not complete the mission. It seems like this game requires a lot of patience and practice. Just as his crazy difficult stunts.

However, as far as the new “Mission Impossible,” Cruise is confident he nailed a new adventure for fans to enjoy

Regarding his role in the film, Cruise enthusiastically expressed his contentment with the outcome. With a radiant smile and infectious energy:

“We think about you and the audience. I just want you to have a great experience,” he stated. 

Moreover, fans expressed their opinions of the film on social media. Some can’t wait to see more:

Similarly, others highlighted what they did to watch the movie, which included rising early and beating movie theater lines.

Meanwhile, others focused on the all-star cast:

“Great movie! Loved it! Impeccable acting! Best wishes to everyone involved with this latest installment,” commented a fan on Instagram.

Tom Cruise loves Spanish, Latin culture and is a huge fan of Shakira 

Aside from his training with the balero, Tom Cruise has other Latin loves.

In a recent interview with Despierta America, the actor said he studied Spanish at school and had girlfriends who spoke it.

“I had a Spanish girlfriend for many years. I liked her Spanish family, they’re beautiful,” he shared.

Also, Cruise recently attracted attention after a viral video of him chatting on a balcony with Shakira at Miami’s Formula One Grand Prix. He clarified their relationship with the outlet.

“She is so talented,” he said. “She and her family are lovely people. I’ve always admired her work, she is such a good person, a very good person,” he explained.