Need a laugh today? We’ve got you covered. After Bad Bunny made headlines for throwing a fan’s phone into the water in Dominican Republic, it seems like the seriously-divided commentary has died down a bit — and been replaced by hilarious takes instead.

Fans are meme-ifying the moment over on TikTok, and the videos are perfect for crying-laughing your way into the weekend. Of course, we’re still scratching our heads at the debate fueled by El Conejo Malo’s #phonechisme, A.K.A. his right to privacy versus his treatment of the young woman. That being said, one thing’s for sure: these TikTok skits are hilarious, and the internet wins again. Prepare to laugh “Un Ratico” at these TikToks poking fun at the “Moscow Mule” singer’s phone fiasco. Thanks for the “Bendiciones”!

1. Bad Bunny stans, it’s time to bullet-proof your phones.

2. Conversely, just strap your phone to the wrist… except one TikToker says Bad Bunny might just “start carrying tiny scissors.” LOL.

3. When in doubt, always have some backup phones on deck.

4. What does the drowned phone think about all this? Behold:

5. If you ever get jumped by a bunch of iPhones you know who to call (Bad Bunny in the tune of “Ghostbusters,” of course).


Please tell me you get the joke

♬ original sound – King of turds

6. No one:

Bad Bunny: “Lo Siento BB,” these phones are calling my name.

7. Next, this TikTok proves “The Simpsons” will always predict the future. This clip from Bad Bunny’s collab music video “Te Deseo Lo Mejor” has our jaws on the floor.

8. Maybe Bad Bunny really meant: “Empezar el 2023 sin iPhone, porque se mojó” 🎶. You never know!

9. Us? Having a phone? Never heard of that concept!


Like now he’s gonna throw it 😣

♬ original sound – Edith Bleboo

10. A harsh real-life reality is that some people get to perrear with Bad Bunny (we can dream!) and others get their phone thrown.

11. In “Madagascar” world, we’re the baby lemur… and we’re just trying to keep our phone in one piece!


Ya tengo miedo de ir a comprar un cel nuevo😢#badbunny #celular #badbunnypr #humor #madagascar #badbunnyvsxioami #parati #fyp #fypシ

♬ Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

12. Next, because the internet is amazing, one fan made an epic mash-up of Bad Bunny and Rosalía. Let’s call it “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Phone.”

13. Watching “The Ring” has got nothing on this kind of fear.


Nobody’s phone is safe 😂 @Bad Bunny #badbunnypr

♬ original sound – brooke

14. “Enseñame a Bailar” as long as our phones are safely hung with a lanyard.

15. Showing Bad Bunny a meme? You’ve been warned!


Tipico amigo que le enseña a #badbunny un meme en el celular #comedia #lamolechida

♬ sonido original – LaMolechida

16. Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your phone!

17. When all else fails, you can always try waterproofing your phone! You know, for nearby-body-of-water precaution.

All jokes aside, there’s no doubt Bad Bunny’s phone drama continues to buzz with controversy. We’re living for these TikTok videos, but still wonder who’s right in this scenario. While many fans assert “nobody is cancelling Bad Bunny” for this, others disagree. As one Twitter user put it, “He could’ve handled it better. I said what I said.”

Still, a resurfaced video shows Bad Bunny might have warned us all along. A 2018 interview shows the singer talking about his distaste for fans asking for selfies without saying “hi.”

In the video, Bad Bunny describes a specific scenario (also in DR!). He explained, “Recently in the Dominican Republic, I was in a place hanging out… there was a girl who said, ‘Bad Bunny, a photo!'”

The singer went on, “I told her, ‘Hey, how are you?’… [She didn’t reply and exclaimed again] ‘A photo! A photo!'”

As the star explained, many people “care more about the photo than to say hi or talk to me… than for me to ask ‘Where are you from?’ or ‘What’s your name?'” In the video, Bad Bunny made his thoughts very clear: “I don’t know where their brain is.”

While fans will be divided on the subject for the test of time, one thing’s for sure. Bad Bunny warned us… and TikTok is the hilarious gift that keeps on giving.