If you’ve ever wondered how to say the most oddly-satisfying Spanish curse words in other languages, well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Viral TikToker @jeffreycheng1983, otherwise known as Jeffrey Chinonegocio, is teaching followers how to say Spanish bad words like “pendejo” and “p**a” in Chinese — and it’s just as addicting as TikTok gets. 

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As the social media sensation explained in a recent video, he is a Chinese man named Jeffrey who “teaches Chinese for free” on the popular platform. As per his TikTok bio, for the past 15 years, his day job has been exporting goods from China but there’s no doubt he has found major success with this side hustle. Starting just last month, the linguistic star has already amassed more than 100k followers.

While his videos started out innocent enough, teaching people Chinese words through catchy songs, his most popular videos are the ones that show him teaching Spanish slurs in Chinese— because, well, they’re awesome. 

One recent clip explains “how to say p**a in Chinese,” which is translated to “tā mā de” (the more you know!). Interestingly enough, as one TikTok user commented, it sounds a lot like “tu madre”— A.K.A. the hilarious coincidence we didn’t know we needed.

Another younger user wrote, “Oh, my God, thank you, man I’m gonna be saying that in all my school lol” and we have a feeling their parents aren’t going to know what hit them.

Of course, the Spanish-to-Chinese bad words pipeline doesn’t end there: it gets better. Next up, we have the way to say “pendejo” in Chinese, which is simply “bèn dàn.” 


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As one follower commented, “Learning a new language? Always start with the naughty words 😂” and we couldn’t agree more. From this point forward, you can find us saying “bèn dàn” when we have road rage.

Another must-watch video shows our new favorite teacher Jeffrey giving us the 411 on “hijoep**a” in Chinese, which is “wáng bā dàn.” At 4.6 million views, it’s one of the TikToker’s most popular videos, with people’s comments ranging from “This man teaching us the word that really means something 😭” to “Finally something useful.” Where was this guy when we learned languages at school?! 

One user wrote, “Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear glasses🙏” (LOL) while another TikToker invited Jeffrey to his carne asada because he is our new social media best friend. Yet another follower wrote, “Panda Express ain’t ready for me 😎” and yup, we’re dying.

But wait— there’s more. Ever wondered how to say “Vete a la mi**da” in Chinese, well that’s simply “gǔn.” Easy enough, or as one follower thought, “Facilito!”

Then we have the Chinese expression for “malparido,” which turns out to be “diao máo,” which prompted one user to ask for the Puerto Rican slang term “puñeta.” We need that video next!

The TikTok star’s videos aren’t all about bad words, even though admittedly, those are probably the best ones. We also have major gems like how to say “Hola mamacita” in Chinese, which translates to “nĭ hăo meí nǚ,” while “Te amo” is the very romantic “Wo ai ni.” Now you know what to say to your special someone next time!