Talina Fernandez, a pioneer of Mexican morning shows and beloved radio and television personality, passed away at 78.

Fernandez spent her last days in intensive care at a hospital in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. She is mourned by her children Patricio and Coco, her grandchildren, and the millions of people who followed her career for nearly six decades.

Fernandez’s journey to stardom began with her pioneering role on Mexican morning shows, winning over audiences with her energy, charisma, and unique style. Her vibrant personality and natural talent propelled her to become one of Mexico’s most famous anchors and commentators.

Talina Fernandez and a life in mourning

Talina Fernandez’s life was not without tragedy. One of the deepest losses she suffered was the death of her daughter Mariana Levy. The actress and star of telenovelas such as “La pícara soñadora” suffered a heart attack after an attempted robbery in her van on April 29, 2005.

The devastating loss of her daughter profoundly impacted Fernandez’s life, leaving an eternal void that she carried with her.

Despite her immense pain, Talina Fernandez remained a pillar of strength for her family, particularly her granddaughter Maria Levy, Mariana’s eldest daughter.

Fernandez then took on the responsibility of raising Maria, becoming a source of support and love for the young girl. Their bond, however, went beyond the grandmother-granddaughter relationship. It also extended to professional collaboration.

Talina Fernández and her granddaughter worked on a podcast where they shared their experiences and perspectives with their followers.

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A life well lived

Talina Fernandez’s career spanned several media, showcasing her versatility and talent. In addition to her success on morning shows, she made notable contributions as a radio personality and actress.

Her big screen credits include films such as “Las Gemelas” (1972), “Muchachita” (1986), and “Tenías que ser tú” (1992), which further consolidated her status as a multifaceted artist.

In her personal life, Talina Fernández married several times. One of her most outstanding marriages was with Gerardo Levy, a Frenchman with whom she had three children. However, their relationship ended, and Fernandez embarked on becoming a single mother.

The last great battle

Throughout her life, Fernandez maintained a strong connection with her children, despite the trials and tribulations that came her way. She faced health issues, including her battle with brain cancer and leukemia. The latter disease ended her life. She died surrounded by her family. 

Only Mariana Levy’s youngest son, Jose, did not make it but revealed that he was able to speak with his grandmother on the phone before her passing.

But even in the face of adversity, Talina Fernandez’s spirit remained unwavering, and her infectious laughter continued to resonate with those around her. 

Two years ago, she found love again and gave several interviews with her new partner. “I want people to know you can find love at any age. You just have to keep your eyes open and be willing to grab it when you see it coming your way,” she told Despierta America.

Two weeks before her death, Fernández was working. She had a show on her YouTube channel with her son Patricio, also known as Pato Fernández.

Talina Fernandez may have passed away, but her contributions to the entertainment industry and infectious laughter will always be cherished by the Latino community in the United States and beyond.