A Reddit user got some much-needed advice after posting a thread about needing some advice after learning his girlfriend stole $150 from his wallet. The user, using a throwaway account under the name randomlooserguy, added some context to the story, and wrote:

Immediately, some questions about the original post do begin to pop up. Firstly, the guy claims he’s happy to give his girlfriend money for gas even though she has a full-time job. Secondly, there’s no mention of her reaching out to confirm that she did have the wallet.

Thankfully, Reddit came through to back him up and let him know that he does have valid reasons to be upset, nervous, and even mad about the situation.

Just My Two Cents

The top comment, courtesy of Shameless_Seamus27, offers some sound, straightforward advice that should be of some help:

The fact that she didn’t tell you until you confronted her is concerning. Boundaries are important and you have every right to tell her that what she did is not ok. And be firm. If she respects you, it won’t happen again. If you set that boundary and it keeps happening, then that tells you all you need to know about how much she values you as a boyfriend.

Just my two cents, but do what you think is right. Best of luck, man.

Glittering-Design973 responded to the top comment, writing, “And to add on im sorry but $150 is a bit much for ‘gas.'”

Many users agreed, including Yawzheek, who wrote, “Seriously. $20 to get gas to get by until payday? Ok. $150? Girl I ain’t the bank. Also, she has a job? Maybe take some of your money and get her a financial advisor.”

$150 is NOT Gas Money

However, a comment from wholesome_futa_hug just lays everything out, telling randomlooserguy how it is without mincing words. They wrote:

She felt entitled to take money from your wallet.

She did it when you weren’t looking and didn’t say anything until confronted.

$150 is NOT gas money. It’s “I’ll spend this on something I wanted for myself so I don’t have to dip into my bank account” money.

She’s using you and feels entitled to do so and will hide it if she thinks you won’t confront her about it, then lie about why she did it. She’s telling you exactly who she is.

Now, you can try and salvage this relationship by establishing boundaries with her and holding her to behavioral changes. That’s an option that requires commitment from BOTH parties.

OR you can decide that you’re still young, you’re not obligated to this person, and maybe she needs to get dumped to have the reality of her behavior sink in. You can find someone who doesn’t need to be taught boundaries as simple as “Don’t take money from my wallet and lie through omission.” Trust me, that’s not a high standard.

Once again, a flood of commenters arrived to agree with the initial statement. But no comment perfectly encapsulates the spirit of those responses than the one from QuicaDeek, which simply reads, “This mf spittin.”


Other commenters took issue with the idea that $150 cannot be considered gas money. “It is in California,” wrote MrsStephsasser. Another comment, this one from Worldly-Chemistry42, reads, “I know. It cost me about $175 to fill up. She needed more.”

NoBarracuda5415 took a moment to explain how the math actually was mathing in terms of how much she took, writing, “$150 is a full tank of gas for a minivan or a tank of gas for a sedan plus a week’s cheap groceries, so it’s not an absurd amount.” They did, however, concede, “Taking any personal property without asking, even with intent to return, is a major red flag.”

The Shirt Off My Back

We’ll cap off this Reddit deep dive with a comment that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. As memphismade85 explains, a lot of this situation comes down to communication, something he prioritizes in his own relationship. The user wrote:

“A quick text from her could’ve avoided all of this. ‘Hey, I was going to ask for a few bucks for gas but since your wallet is in my car can I just take some of your cash for it’ taking 150 is excessive, and more than a little shitty. If it were my girlfriend I’d be having more questions for her about why she felt that it was OK to steal from me. I’d give her the shirt off of my back if she asked for it, but I can’t be ok with taking without asking.”

It’s pretty tough to argue with this logic. Although the commenters were shockingly polite about the situation, the overall message here seems to leap out from between the lines… and we’ll leave it at that.