The Puerto Rican Day Parade was just one of several events canceled around the globe because of the coronavirus. In response, the Puerto Rican Day Parade organizers decided that they would let television be the medium for celebrating what it means to be Puerto Rican.

Puerto Rican Day Parade is still happening it just won’t be a parade.

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is one of the most attended and celebrated cultural events in New York City. The coronavirus put a stop to the event this year and Puerto Ricans were devastated at missing out at the big and festive celebration. Fortunately, some people thought ahead and are now saving the event.

Instead of the usual parade that brings the New York Puerto Rican community together, people will be able to tune in for a celebration on television.

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The 90-minute special will air June 14 on ABC. The organizers are promising a star-studded list of appearances including Lin-Manuel Miranda and Luis Miranda Jr. The special is shaping up to be a great moment for the Puerto Rican community to really feel seen and acknowledged.

The quick thinking of the organizers and the power of technology has saved the 63rd Puerto Rican Day Parade.

“The Parade is more than a celebration of pride and culture. It’s a platform for preserving our heritage while advancing our community by informing on important issues and promoting educational achievement,” National Puerto Rican Day Parade board Chairman Louis Maldonado said in a statement.

Some people are very excited for younger Puerto Ricans to learn about the parade’s history and legacy.

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It is always a good idea to give an oral history to younger generations about the fights that came before them. Every community can point to major moments in their history that brought them to where they are today. History is important to know.

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