What’s up, familia? It’s your compa Mike from mitú bringing you another installment of Mike’s Likes – the series where I show you guys all the places, people, and things that I, well… like!

Now we’ve already established that I love fall. Like, love love. And one of the best things about fall is that it’s the perfect time to do some serious redecorating. I just feel like if I’m putting away my tank tops and pulling out my suéteres, my space should get a refresh too, y’know? 

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In fact, the only thing I love more than fall is competition! So for this very special edition of Mike’s Likes, I’m bringing in my fellow mitú content creator Alejo for a little challenge. Seeing as we’re both Target super fans, we’re going to take our home decor budgets to Target and see who can come out with the fall-iest place (Is that a word? Fall-iest? Whatever, it is now).  And who better to judge this competition than our lovely, unbiased, very fashionable wives! We’ll surprise them with our freshly decked out living rooms and pick a winner based on how much they love their new home decor. Hopefully.

ROUND 1: Doormats

For the first round we decided to go simple. Doormats may be easy to place, but the right one can turn your boring, uninviting front door into a big warm abrazo welcoming people into your home. I went with this Threshold Rubber Doormat with bright pops of color because fall doesn’t necessarily mean beige (just look at Dia De Los Muertos). Alejo’s all about spooky season, so he opted for this Jack O’ Lantern Doormat.


While both our wives liked their doormats, Adrienne told Alejo she didn’t want to keep a Halloween decoration into November. My wife Kelsi is in love with the new doormat and wants to keep it out for the whole season, so looks like I win this round!

ROUND 2: Couch Decor

In round two we brought it inside the sala and took a shot at redecorating our couches. The secret here is keeping the otoño vibes while not veering into “live, laugh, love” territory. Luckily, Target’s got all sorts of styles for home decor so I went classic cozy fall with this knit blanket and a plaid throw pillow. Sticking with the pumpkin theme from the first round, Alejo got these pumpkin embroidered throw pillows and a pumpkin plush blanket.

WINNER: Alejo!

I honestly thought Alejo was crazy for going back to the pumpkins, but I guess they’re more acceptable when they don’t have faces carved into them. Adrienne loved the fall feeling of her couch, but Kelsi thought I played it too safe. Point: Alejo.

ROUND 3: Coffee Table

For el gran final we had to go big, so we went ahead and bought ourselves brand new coffee tables. I wanted to get bolder this time around, so I went with a black Hillside coffee table that looked more modern. Alejo also wanted to make a big statement this round so he chose this mid century wood coffee table with gold legs that really stand out (get it? Stand like legs…forget it). 

WINNER: Alejo!

This was definitely a close one, but in the end both wives loved what Alejo did with the wood table. Which means the room decorating champ is…Alejo? Wait, this is called Mike’s Likes. How the hell did this happen? This is the last time I bring someone else on to this series. 

So even though I didn’t win in my own competition, I’m still super excited with my new Target purchases. And who knows, maybe Alejo’s excellent taste in home decor will inspire me to change things up even more. That’s what a fall refresh is all about, right? If we’ve inspired you, let us know how you did your fall redecorating!

Until next time. Keep liking. And I’ll keep Mike-ing.