What’s up, mitú familia? It’s your number one producer with a heart of gold, Mike Tee, coming at you with a special edition of Mike’s Likes – the series where I show you guys all the places, people, and things that I, well… like!

“But, Mike” you might be asking yourself, “What are you liking this time?” Well that’s just what I was about to get into. Chill. For this special version of my show, my compas at Target are giving me the chance to share all of the things that I get into for one of my favorite times of year. Fall, baby. Otoño. Pumpkin-spice-everything season.

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When I was a kid, all my friends hated fall because it meant going back to school, but I LOVED it. Why? Well it doesn’t hurt that it’s my birthday month (where you at, Virgos?) but also we got Halloween, we got the return of football, and we got Mexican Independence Day! That love affair with fall has only gotten stronger – the weather is awesome, all my favorite sweaters and jackets come back into rotation – tapalonja season for life; and that delicious seasonal food starts to make its appearance before you get all the hecticness and added pressure of the actual holidays.

For me, every year, fall is that warm and comforting cup of atole that you didn’t even know you needed til it was right there in your hands. So in honor of one of my favorite seasons, here are some things that I like to get into – to just refresh, renew, and bring some joy into my home. Hopefully these will help you get into as otoño-tástico a mood as I’m in right now.


Mike’s Likes – Fall Edition

1. Comfort Foods

The weather gets a little colder and I can bust out the Crockpot to make some of my go-to comfort classics – a little caldito, because like I said, I am grown and I don’t have to have caldo in the summer if I don’t want to. Or I can even try something new. Like Good & Gather’s plant based ground meat. Dare I say… vegan albondigas (don’t tell my abuelita)! And best of all, it’s just for me and my fam. No holiday pressure to cook for 30 unexpected guests.

Crockpot 6qt My Time Slow Cooker

2. Indoor Games

Nothing cozier than staying in and playing games with the fam, but keeping it low tech. Playing some of the card games my dad taught me with a regular old set of Bicycle Playing Cards might sound simple, but before you know it you’ve spent an hour playing Crazy Eights. And if you’ve got a little more time to kill, why not set up a game of Monopoly: Target Edition? If you’re anything like me you love a good Target haul and this game let’s you experience the joy of going in for a toaster and coming out with 3 new outfits, a lamp, and a desk chair from the comfort of your own home!

Monopoly: Target Edition

3. Two words – Suéter Weather

Christmas Sweaters may have the reputation and notoriety, but fall is the real deal suéter season for me, folks. No crazy colors, no over the top themes and decorations, just pure comfort. Whether it’s my go-to mijo sweater or treating myself to a new cardigan so I can channel my indie singer songwriter dreams, nothing beats that first moment when you realize it’s cool enough for you to tell yourself “ponte un suéter” before you leave the house.

Goodfellow & Co Sweater

4. Hosting the Fam

Fall signals the beginning of the holidays, and that means your family is going to be coming over a LOT more regularly. So why not use this time to show off your interior design skills and spruce up your space? It’s crazy how adding a few simple items to the decor can make you look like the world’s best dinner host- like a Threshold Wooden Bowl we can fill with dried chiles or flowers or a set of fancy Sussex Champagne cutlery to impress the suegros at dinner.

Stainless Steel Sussex Baguette Champagne Silverware Set

And there you have it, those are my likes for this year’s fall season. Special thanks to Target for sponsoring this chapter of Mike’s Likes and shout out to fall for just being the wonderful and amazing seasons that it is. Try some of the likes on this list out for yourself and let us know how you like them!

Until next time. Keep liking. And I’ll keep Mike-ing.