Videos of a Mexican dancer named Medio Metro are taking social media by storm, racking up millions of views on YouTube and TikTok. Medio Metro, whose real name is José Eduardo, is a dancer who has dwarfism and performs as classic Chesperito characters like El Chavo del Ocho and Chapulín Colorado.

Who is Medio Metro?

Medio Metro, which means Half a Meter in Spanish, started his YouTube channel in 2019. Then, he would regularly post videos of sonidero events in the Mexican city Texcoco. For years he would regularly upload videos of the sonideros before starring in them himself.

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Roughly one year ago, Medio Metro made his on-camera debut, immediately becoming a sensation in the sonidero circles. His first official Medio Metro video, posted to his official YouTube page, currently sits at nearly 2 million views.

The dancer did not have it easy growing up

A couple of months prior, Medio Metro did a 30-minute interview with Richard TV where he discusses his life and what inspired him to start dancing in the first place. The dancer grew up in a neighborhood controlled by gangs. Consequently, he even contemplated suicide after losing the money he earned at his job time and time again.

Additionally, the gangs controlling Medio Metro’s neighborhood robbed him at gunpoint on a regular basis and threatened to kill him and his family. They even forced him to lie to his mother about where his money went. Eventually, Medio Metro was able to move on from that dark chapter of his life and begin spreading positivity in the world with his videos.

Today, he’s a viral sensation and a beloved part of the sonidero community

The dancer has become a fixture at sonidero events, regularly appearing on his own channel as well as channels like Dexter TV, another popular sonidero channel on TikTok and YouTube. Their most popular video, posted on November 12 of last year, features Medio Metro and a dance partner busting a few moves.

The video currently sits at nearly 37 million views and more than 1.7 million likes.

However, this video is definitely not the only Medio Metro content you’ll find online. In fact, videos of the dancer from Dexter TV, among other channels, regularly bring in millions of views. As a result, the internet cannot seem to get enough of this guy!

Indeed, these parties look absolutely insane. Sonidero events in Mexico and Colombia, specifically, are some of the best dance parties in all of Latin America. They’re so great, millions of people just like to watch them on YouTube.

In fact, he’s is not even a trained dancer. However, he has a swagger about him that most people could only dream of. Or “Rizz,” as the kids call it.