Little Amal, a 12-foot-tall puppet representing a 10-year-old Syrian girl refugee traveling alone in search of a home, visited the Mexico-United States border this week.


Little Amal walked along gate 36 at the US Mexico border witnessing asylum seekers trying to cross into America to recieve asylum and protection. #littleamal #usmexicoborder #asylumseekers #migrant #gate36 #juarez

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The giant doll, which has journeyed across the globe since July 2021 delivering a message of peace and hope to immigrants and refugees, paid tribute to those who traveled on foot, tragically perished, or gone missing in pursuit of the American dream.

At the border, she connected with people on both sides of the wall, making the sign of the cross as respect while crossing by gate 36.

Little Amal is a project by the nonprofit organization The Walk Productions, in partnership with the company Handspring Puppet. She has walked over 6,000 miles to 14 countries since her first journey two years ago.

“The little girl had to have a big story for the world to know and have hope. Amal means hope in Arabic,” Bruna Dávila, Amal’s creative producer, told Imagen Noticias.

In an interview with Univision, the Venezuelan teenage immigrant Alixmar Salazar expressed a deep connection with the puppet: “When I saw this doll, I felt the same because I am also an immigrant like her, and I loved seeing her here sharing with us.”

Little Amal will travel to San Diego and Mexico after touring Europe and Canada

After a two-month journey through cities like London, Trondheim, and Toronto, this November, Amal will visit Los Angeles, Pasadena, Inglewood, and Santa Monica before reaching San Diego on November 3.

On November 6, she will cross into Tijuana, marking her inaugural visit to Mexico and Latin America, according to the official website.

Her stay in Mexico will extend until November 26 and include seven cities: Tijuana, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Zapopan, Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Tapachula. 


This is Amal’s final week in the US before she crosses into Mexico to continue her journey of hope for all children. LA San Diego, will you walk with her? #littleamal #usmexicoborder #migrant #nogale

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“Mexico, like the United States, is a country that a history of migration has shaped. In both cases, it is a story of promise and challenge. It’s also a story that weaves across its borders, as all immigrants know,” expressed The Walk Productions Artistic Director Amir Nizar Zuabi.

And continued: “In Mexico, Little Amal will share her message of hope with the Mexican people, as well as with migrants currently crossing the country, or those from previous generations who have traveled across the border, in both directions.”

While some users adore the project, others question why it doesn’t include visits to children in war zones

The message of love and peace carried by Little Amal has sparked reactions worldwide, particularly on social media, where users share their opinions about this ambitious project.

“This project and Amal are so important, thank you. Art isn’t mandatory in the schools here. I love to show my son videos like these,” wrote a TikTok user. 

An X user said: “Little Amal made it to downtown and the border south of the city yesterday. I missed her at both locations for reasons. But I’m glad she came”.

Some confessed how emotional they feel when they see the doll walking around the world.

“Amal in Arabic means ‘Hope.’ That is also my daughter’s name. Made me tear up a little,” commented a TikTok user. 

Another person shared: “Amal gives me chills every time I see her. Safe journey, Amal.”

Meanwhile, on Instagram, some users are asking why the organizers are not talking about the children in Palestine and Israel.

“Amal’s team has said nothing about Palestinian refugee children being massacred in Gaza. Amal should love and include all refugee children,” commented a person.