If you dread having to call customer service lines, mediate personal or professional disagreements, and deal with car mechanics, a new service called Karens for Hire will take care of it for you. Although the term “Karen” has some pejorative connotations, Karens for Hire wants to harness the power of Karens for good, not evil.

The Army of Karens is coming

From disputes over bank statements to straight-up super-villainy, Karens for Hire will handle just about any conflict within the confines of the law. So, no, they won’t go after the guy who stiffed you on your weed, but they will call Chase Bank and give them a piece of your mind for you.

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The service has reportedly attracted more than 2,000 clients and testimonials on the website prove the service actually works! For instance, one customer working with a shady appraiser called the Karens to mediate a disagreement over the value of their home.

“When the Karen was done, the appraisal value raised $40,000. Without the help of KarensForHire, I wouldn’t have been able to refinance my home and lower my monthly mortgage payment,” they wrote in a glowing review.

Karens for Hire handles serious business for a low price

According to their website, the Karens take their business so seriously, they even require temporary Power of Attorney in especially complicated situations. Potential customers get a free consultation before making a plan of action for how the Army of Karens can help you get what you need.

Additionally, the Karens won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Their website says most Karen tasks will cost between $50 and $75 but some tasks cost as little as $10 while most will max out at about $100. In a lot of cases, that would be cheaper than hiring a TaskRabbit, where something as simple as gift wrapping could run you more than $120!

Karens for Hire prices their services very conscientiously, focusing on keeping costs as low as possible. “The fee structure is designed to be as fair as possible. We believe that in the long run, as the Legion of Karens grows, the need for higher fees will devolve,” they wrote on their website.

Looking at their website, with its Thanos quotes and Karen haircut logo, one might think the whole thing is a joke, but the Karens mean business. Based on their testimonials, Karens for Hire is genuinely passionate about helping their customers avoid and resolve stressful situations.