Tiffany Haddish has never shied away from discussing her tough upbringing, especially her struggles in the foster care system.

The actress told PEOPLE they placed her in foster care as a child after her mother suffered brain damage from a car accident that led to mental illness.

During a keynote conversation with Variety, she admitted thinking she was “going to die” in foster care. Thankfully, she found a way out after joining the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp.

Now, she’s opening up about her first foster care experience with a Latin family. In a resurfaced clip from her 2017 Netflix comedy special, “Tiffany Haddish: She Ready! From the Hood To Hollywood!” the Grammy winner shared all the chisme on how it went and everything she learned.

Tiffany Haddish’s Latino foster family taught her a few useful skills

From speaking Spanish to delivering babies, Tiffany Haddish’s Latino foster family wasn’t playing around when it came to teaching her new things. In a clip from her Netflix comedy special, she shared the hilarious details of her experience.

“My very first foster family, they were Hispanic,” she started. “They taught me how to cut grass, how to deliver babies…how to build houses from the ground up. I can build you a motherf***ng house. They taught me how to fix cars, how to change tires.”

Apparently, Haddish also knows how to sew quinceañera dresses. If you’re looking for a costurera, hit her up.

“I can make the s**t out of a quinceañera dress like it ain’t nobody’s business,” she adds. “I can sew too.”

According to Haddish, she was also an accordion player in a mariachi band

Before making it in Hollywood, Haddish was already a star on the rise.

Aside from all the skills she picked up with her Latino family, Haddish also learned to play the accordion in a mariachi band — and toured.

“They also taught me how to play the accordion. I was the lead accordion player in a mariachi band for like nine months,” she said in the clip. “I toured all over southern California, some parts of Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico.”

She even made it on television.

“I was on el Telemundo and all that okay? I was KILLING IT!”

Latinos on social media have spread the love with heartwarming comments

After the video shared by Netflix went viral, Latinos showed up for what we do best— dar mucho, mucho amor.

On TikTok, one user wrote “I felt the tears behind her speech. She was saying thank you without saying thank you. We got you ma.”

Meanwhile, on Instagram, others are sharing how Latinos can do it all, “We mexiCANS not mexiCANTS is my dad’s favorite saying,” one user commented.

And of course, like all of us, others want to see this Telemundo appearance, “yall tripping over the accordion, but what we NEED is that Telemundo clip of Tiffany playing it 😂.”