It’s no secret Latino parents can be extra conservative, and any time we step out of the line — they always let us know exactly how they feel about it.

Whether their remarks are accompanied by a chancletazo (or a hairbrush if they’re feeling creative!), most of us know that Latino parents always come equipped with phrases that are equally terrifying and hilarious. These one-liners are so epic, we’re sure they come straight from the dawn of time, passed from generation to generation until we get replies like: “te voy a dar una razón para que llores en serio.”

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Just like when we picked on our younger siblings as kids and our parents told us things like, “cuéntale a tu papá lo que hiciste,” getting a tattoo later in life means parents sharing all their feelings about it. Whether getting a full sleeve or just a tiny star, parents’ reactions to tattoos have no bounds.

We asked our readers what their parents said when they first saw their tattoos, and the replies did not disappoint!

1. ¿Te quieres marcar como se marcan las vacas de la finca?

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2. “Te vez como un mapa”

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3. Un tatuaje te haré en el c*lo con la chancla!

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4. ¿Qué sigue? ¿robar autos? ¿nadar con vagabundos?

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5. “El día que me muera es el día que te puedes tatuar”

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6. “Pinche periodico”

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7. ¿Por qué mejor no te tatúas la raya del c*lo? 

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8. “La gente va a pensar que eres ganguera”

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9. “Nadie te va a dar trabajo”

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10. “Pareces una delincuente toda tatuada”

11. “Te vez como una cualquiera”

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12. “No vas a poder donar sangre”

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13. “Pareces tigre toda rayada”

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14. “If you get a tattoo, that would mean you want me buried 7 feet under ground” 

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15. “Si te vas a tatuar, hazte uno también en tu 🍆”

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Gotta love our very extra Latino parents!