While we celebrate Earth Day, we couldn’t help but think that our Latino households have been environmentally conscious since day one — even if our parents don’t always realize they’re doing it. Sure, we’ve gotten into arguments with our moms and dads in the past for continuing to buy water bottles… but they’re also the O.G. recycling fanatics. Do we understand it? No, but we have to give credit where it’s due!

Our moms would probably disown us if we ever threw away a birthday present gift bag instead of reusing it — the horror.

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And then there’s living in constant suspense not knowing if that ice cream carton actually contains your favorite rocky road… or is just a perfect place to store jalapeños.

There’s no doubt Latino household’s recycling game is unrivaled — so we’ve compiled the top 9 facts that prove it.

1. Any plastic bottle becomes a container for homemade salsita — or anything else. Recycling at its finest.

2. Latino parents love refilling cleaning product bottles with those big jugs you get at Costco. It’s a fact.


I remember trying to do this a few years ago and couldn’t figure out how to get it off 😂 #swifferwetjethack #cleaninghacks #senoralife

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3. Buying new products harms the environment due to carbon emissions from production and transport. Luckily, our parents have kept the same tiger blanket our whole lives. Environmentally friendly A.F.

4. Cleaning products’ chemicals are known to damage the environment, causing air and water pollution. That must be why our moms and abuelitas can’t get enough of cleaning the house with vinegar.

5. It’s no secret plane travel has a major carbon footprint — maybe that’s why our Latino family members avoid flying at all costs… and make a prayer circle and light tons of velas every time someone gets on a plane. No word on why we love clapping when the plane lands, though.

6. We’re pretty sure Hispanic moms invented reusable bags — who else has a stash of grocery store bags under their sink at all times? Also, using them as trash bags is top-tier.

7. Waste food? Do you have any idea what the environmental impact of that is? We guess that’s why you can find us eating Christmas tamales pretty much all year round.

8. Cars’ carbon emissions are one of the leading causes of climate change, releasing about 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gases a year. Us Latinos? We carpool everywhere, because we’re just environmentally conscious that way (or we love chisme while driving). 

9. Many of us Latinos know that a lot of our toys and clothes growing up were hand me downs… so yeah, call us the kings and queens of recycling.