Qué onda mitú fam! It’s your boy Alejandro and I’m not sure if you’ve heard but Father’s Day is just a few days away. And if you’re just like me, I never know what to get my pops aka el “jefe de jefes”.

My dad is a simple man yet he can be very… picky at times. So I thought it’d be a cool idea to list all the things I could get for my dad for Father’s Day hoping it helps you out if you’re not the best gift giver like myself.

Listos? Here we go!

Bluetooth speaker

My first pick is a Bluetooth speaker. If there’s one thing about dads, is that they love their rolas. Whether pops is fixing things around the house, in charge of the carnita asada, or just hanging out… some tunes are always very much welcome.

I chose this particular speaker because I just bought one recently and it packs a punch for its size and as my dad says “se escucha perrona mijo”.


Chanclas are a dad’s best friend

I feel like this pick might not be the first that comes to mind when you think of your dad, but you can never go wrong with some comfy new chanclas.

Growing up, I remember my dad getting home from work and putting on his chanclas on right away to fully decompress and relax after a busy day on his feet.

Even if you get him the exact same pair he has right now, I’m sure a new pair will be much appreciated!


Pinzas for the carne asada

This gift is perfect for Father’s Day and summer in general! I’m sure you might already have a few sets of pinzas at home. But if you’re like my family, I’m sure you have that one pair that is your “go-to” when its time to fire up the grill.

Sure they work, but maybe they’re a little banged up or you have a specific way to use them since they’re showing their age and barely held together.

This new set of pinzas will be the gift that keeps on giving: dad will have another set and if you ever have to man the grill, you can finally keep your hands a safe distance. 


Starbucks gift card

I’m usually not a fan of gifting gift cards, pero my dad loves his cafecito, especially su “estarbucks”. And I know I channel my “basic inner white girl” at times, but my dad is a Starbucks diva.

In case you were wondering, his order is a venti caramel macchiato, extra hot, extra caramel, upside down, stirred, and DO NOT forget his stopper! And I thought I was extra! But you do you pops. Treat yourself with this gift card! 


Leather wallet

How many business cards, bank cards, and punch cards do you have in your wallet? Do you maybe have three to five? OR do you carry every card you have ever come across on you 24/7?

If you ask my dad he’d say the latter and it’s going to take a miracle for him to go through the cards and narrow it down to the few that he actually needs. That being said, a new wallet might be just the thing to force him to take inventory of everything he’s carrying around in that bulky wallet of his.

And who knows, he might end up keeping everything the same, but at least he has a new wallet to estrenar. 


Bottle opener

Warmer days are around the corner and this bottle opener will come in clutch when your dad is in the mood for una chela BIEN fria. We are sure your pops can open up his beer with just about anything and doesn’t need a legit bottle opener, but hear us out.

This catches the cap instead of just letting it fall or having to walk around with it until you find a trash can. My dad has an older version of this one and it comes in clutch!  


Small cross-body bag

This one might not scream “Latino Dad,” but it’s so clutch! My dad bought one of these cross body bags for himself a year ago and he doesn’t use it all the time, but when he travels to visit the fam back home in Mexico, it’s a game changer.

He has his passport and other important documents all in one spot and at the ready. One of my friends that also recently joined the dad club got one and he loves it. He carries all his essentials besides a small water bottle for his kid. So who knows, we’re sure your dad will find a good use for it! 


Well, there you go, mitú fam. I really hope these gift ideas helped you out with your Father’s Day shopping or at least pointed you in the right direction. Let us know on social if any of our picks made the cut!

Order ASAP so you get in time for Dad’s big day and tell your pops Alejandro and the mitú staff wish him a feliz Día de los Padres.