The traditional meaning of family is a group of people related through marriage, blood or adoption. For pet owners, their fur babies have become extended family members.

Whether it’s family dinners or Christmas holidays, our pets are essential to our lives. Something Mexican actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez proves why dogs are a man’s best friend.

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On August 21, Derbez shared a loving message to his Instagram account, paying homage to his 11-year-old dog Fiona who recently passed away. In the nearly three-minute clip, the 61-year-old showed precious moments he and his family shared with the adorable pup.

We can’t help but get emotional after Derbez revealed how much Fiona meant to him.

“The pain I feel today is immense. I lost my tiny companion, who walked with me these last 11 years,” he wrote. “She was with me in every shoot, in every project, by my side through late nights and early mornings.”

From travel buddy to “best sister” Fiona played multiple roles in the actor’s life

“She was my travel buddy, my adventurer, and the best sister Aitana could have. Nobody was closer to me these last 11 years than her,” Derbez added in his post. “I will miss her every moment of the day. How difficult it’ll be to go to work tomorrow without her for the first time. How difficult it’ll be to try and laugh when I’m so torn inside.”

“Fly high my girl! For Papá, Mamá and Aitana, you’ll always be alive in every corner of the house and our hearts,” he concluded.

Friends, family and followers shared caring words with the actor during these challenging times for him and his family.

“I have never seen you Aitana and Ale so sad and it breaks my heart, I love you with all my soul,” his daughter, Aislinn Derbez wrote.

“I’m so sorry!! 🙏🏻 I know that pain and I pray to God that heals soon! 🙌 hugs to the family ❤️” actor Consuelo Duval said.

“Oh no, what pain!!! 😢 they are part of the family and the conx they achieve is so genuine that those who don’t experience it don’t understand it!!! I am so sorry. What a beautiful and infinite love our pets give us!!! #Familia a hug! ❤️♾️,” one user wrote.

The Derbez Family recently celebrated Fiona’s 11th Birthday

Last month, Derbez celebrated Fiona’s 11th birthday with pink balloons, streamers and a custom bone-shaped cake. He shared the celebration on an Instagram account he created for her. Fans wished the birthday girl a happy birthday — it’s safe to say she enjoyed it. Aww!

Daily Express says 75% of pet owners celebrate their dog’s birthdays, and 58% sing the famous “Happy Birthday” song to their furry companions. After all, they look forward to the food, cake and presents, much like their human counterparts.

For Derbez, he wanted Fiona to have one of the best birthdays as part of their family. While it’s never easy to lose a pet, pet owners can reminisce on the joyous moments they shared with their pets.

We’re sure Fiona’s memory continues to live on in the Derbez family.