Have you noticed how expensive eggs are now? There was a time, not so long ago, when a dozen eggs would set you back about four or five bucks. Now? The cheapest cartons start at about eight dollars. What happened?

Most major outlets are saying a recent outbreak of avian flu is to blame. But the truth may be much more disheartening. In reality, the avian flu outbreak isn’t widespread enough to cause the kind of egg shortage that would force inflation.

Egg producers that aren’t facing any avian flu outbreaks, like Cal-Maine, have still increased profits by roughly 65%.

Regardless, that’s a different conversation for a different article. We’re here to laugh! We might have to swear off omelets for a while, but these egg memes might be able to hold us over in the meantime.

Thanks to these egg memes, 2023 is off to a hilarious (if troubling) start

It’s getting so bad, we might have to start paying for them in installments.

With Easter on the way, families everywhere are scrambling (get it?) to find alternatives to painted eggs.

Conversely, Scarface might have been better off investing in a chicken farm.

Tragedy strikes the WAM fam!

If there was any justice in this world, the chickens would be ballin’ right now.

Ever since inflation made toilet paper and eggs into hot commodities, one Twitter user mourns the death of two classic pranks.

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Does a carton count as a present now?

On a more serious note, can we stop with the celebrity drama already and talk about what’s important?

How far are we from paying our rent in eggs?

Even if the avian flu is to blame, we know how to fix it because we’ve been doing it the last three years already!

The USD is the currency of the past…

At this point, a top-notch education might actually cost less!

Eating eggs and burning money are essentially the same thing now.

That should do it for now. However, Frank Reynolds has just one question for you…