Conjoined twin sisters Lupita and Carmen Andrade share everything except their distinct personalities.

Lupita secretly dreams of becoming a comedy writer, while Carmen studies to be a veterinary nurse. Carmen has a boyfriend, Lupita considers herself asexual. They are connected at the torso, share a pelvis, each have two arms and one leg. If they were ever separated, one of them would die.

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But the Latina sisters, who moved to Connecticut from Mexico as babies, are not fazed by being conjoined. In fact, they are growing in popularity on social media thanks to their hilarious TikTok page and a recent interview with TODAY.

Here’s the breakdown of how they are building their online following while building the life of their dreams.

Carmen and Lupita Andrade share the realities of conjoined twins on social media

The twins, born in Mexico but currently living in the United States, started their TikTok page in 2021. The initial videos were a success. Among them, the most viewed one, in which Carmen explains how she drives a car, currently sits at over 20 million views.

Their TikTok is mostly about the relationship between them, their similarities, and the quirks that separate them. They talk about their dynamic consistently, referencing how Carmen is more outgoing one and Lupita is more reserved and shy. Still, they both have a great sense of humor.


Lupita’s 🚩bc it’s only fair

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However, people seem to like it best when the twins are sharing the frame, as evidenced by this video that has over 28 million views.

Over hundreds of videos, the twins give their followers a lot of insight into their day-to-day lives. However, it’s really their personalities that have fans coming back for more. And even within their collective following, certain people specifically fan over one twin or the other.

Whenever Lupita, who is the more quiet twin, posts a solo video, people go absolutely nuts for it. “LUPITA HAS SPOKEN” reads one of the top comments on this post.


What does Lupita have to say today all me today

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One of them is in a relationship

Carmen is in a long-term relationship with a man named Daniel she met on Hinge in 2020. In their interview with TODAY, Carmen said, “I never tried to hide the fact that I’m a conjoined twin, which meant I got a lot of messages from guys with fetishes.”

She added, “I knew right off the bat that Daniel was different from the others, because he didn’t lead with a question about my condition.”

In 2022, the couple (and Lupita) uploaded a Q&A video talking about their relationship.

Although Lupita identifies as asexual, she still encouraged her sister to find love.

“I know that’s important to her,” she said.

Overall, they live a fairly normal life (and they have goats!)

In spite of the unique way they move through the world, the twins don’t live too differently from anybody else. Although they acknowledge that separation surgery is not an option, that doesn’t seem to bother them.

“We go to movies and concerts (sharing one seat) and we travel on airplanes,” Carmen said to TODAY. “Last year, we went to California and we’ve also flown to Texas.” They also announced their intentions to start working out again with Carmen saying she wants to eventually bench press 100 pounds.

Additionally, they’re both in veterinary school right now. Carmen wants to be a nurse while Lupita is studying to be a technician. Lupita, being the quietly funny sister, also wants to pursue comedy writing at some point in her life.

If all of that weren’t enough…they also have goats!

Here’s a video of the twins corralling an entire herd.

They regularly post videos of them feeding the newborns and playing with the younger goats, sometimes even inside the house.


No goats were actually harmed, shes just bugging an old blind boi

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If you go to their TikTok page, you can find an entire playlist of goat content comprised of more than 30 videos.

The conjoined twins don’t let the tabloids spread misinformation

Carmen and Lupita never let the media write their stories for them. Every so often, they’ll call out tabloid outlets on their TikTok page for posting sensationalized pieces about their lives. In one video, they call out the New York Post for pulling and manipulating quotes from the TODAY interview.


Thanks @nypost i hate you and companies like you too 😚❤️ I know they can do what they want, just wanted complain like always about it

♬ original sound – Carmen and Lupita

In another, they fully go after right-wing media personality, Candace Owens, for talking about them on her show.

In the interview with TODAY, they do reference some of the comments they face.

“A lot of people aren’t used to people with disabilities setting boundaries or creating boundaries when it comes to their disability,” Carmen said. “We get a lot of questions about sex, and how we go to the bathroom and stuff like that. But you have to remember: We’re not just conjoined twins, we’re people.”