As they say, all good things come to an end, but why do streaming services continuously cancel the best Latino shows? It seems like every time we get hooked on new amazing series, it’s canceled after just one or two seasons.

Case in point? “Gentefied,” the Netflix show about Mexican-American cousins and their family’s taco shop that struck a chord with countless people — and was canceled after its second season.

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While streaming services oftentimes stay quiet about why they cancel the shows we know and love so much, many times it is believed that Latino shows are canceled because of low viewership rates. However, if the rapidly-expanding U.S. Latino population is any indication — not to mention the Twitter uproar every time a Latino show is canceled — studios should pay closer attention to the value these series bring to the culture at large. From “Gentefied” to “Vida,” please join in our heartbreak to mourn the loss of the best now-canceled Latino shows ever.

1. The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

First up, “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” was an incredible Netflix show that brought a bit of everything to the table: a 15-year-old Latina rocket scientist, a cross-country move, NASA, high school drama, and even a bit of football. With the appearance of stars like Jencarlos Canela, it’s no wonder fans couldn’t believe it was canceled after just one season.

2. Diary of a Future President

If you happened to love “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia,” may we introduce you to “Diary of a Future President”? A perfect equal in our eyes, this Disney+ series revolves around 13-year-old Cuban-American girlboss Elena Cañero-Reed who will be the President of the United States one day. Told through her diary, the series depicts Elena making her way through middle school in Miami, with cuts to the future once she’s already President. No clue why it was only given two seasons!

3. One Day at a Time (ODAAT)

“ODAAT” amassed a slew of fans far and wide while it was still running — even Lin-Manuel Miranda is a huge fan. The Netflix show revolves around a Cuban-American Latino family made up of an Army veteran and nurse mother, her two children, and her mother Lydia, played by the inimitable Rita Moreno. The series takes a deep-dive into big issues like PTSD, mental illness, immigration, and racism — and still manages to be funny, too. We’ll never get over its cancelation after four seasons.

4. Gentefied

One series we’ll never forget, no matter how hard we try? “Gentefied,” a heartwarming, entertaining, important show about three Mexican-American cousins who must save their abuelo’s taco shop in the face of gentrification of their neighborhood. Set in L.A., the show also depicts the cousins each following their own dreams, including that of being a chef or artist. Canceled after two seasons by Netflix, one user on Twitter wrote: “When a show like Gentefied gets canceled, it says something. And we’re so tired of hearing it.”

5. Mr. Iglesias

Yet another show we could barely believe got canceled? Gabriel Iglesias’ Netflix show “Mr. Iglesias,” which centered on the comedian playing a high school history teacher. Having just quit drinking, Mr. Iglesias is all about helping his students — even through hilarious antics — and the rest of the teachers at the school are equally-hilarious, with pretty complicated lives. As you can expect, this show will make you cry of laughter — and you might end up crying about it being canceled after two seasons, too.

6. Cristela

You know a show is good when a petition still exists to bring it back for a second season — even if it was canceled seven years ago. ABC’s “Cristela” was absolutely amazing, and we’re still not over it either: written, executive produced, and starring comedian Cristela Alonzo, it was about a Mexican-American law school grad working as an unpaid intern at a firm. Dealing with judgmental family members and even racist comments at work, the series brings very real topics into the comedy realm. You can still watch the 22-episode first season on Hulu!

7. Vida

Starz’ “Vida” was a show that immediately caught our attention the minute it first aired back in 2018 — we would have never thought it would be canceled after three seasons. Created by Mexican-American actress, writer, and showrunner Tanya Saracho, “Vida” was about two Mexican-American sisters who are forced back into each other’s lives after their mother dies. They begin to find out more and more about their late mother, all the while finding common ground.

8. The Baker and the Beauty

We’ll always have a soft spot for ABC’s “The Baker and the Beauty”: Cuban pastelitos, Miami nightlife, and a romantic love affair between a celebrity and a mom-and-pop shop baker? Yeah, count us in. After making its way over to Netflix, this show was eaten up by anyone who loves a good romantic comedy, especially one that features a heartwarming Cuban family, a young girl discovering her queer identity, and a whirlwind romance that involves paparazzi and the pitfalls of fame. Sounds perfect? Well, for some unidentified reason, it was canceled after just one season.

9. On My Block

Lastly, few can forget about Netflix’s “On My Block,” that captured fans’ hearts with a wide-range of storylines depicted by four teenagers living in South Central Los Angeles. Just starting high school, they encounter gangs, situations involving jail, parents walking out, and deportation, but the characters all make use of humor to get through life. Loved by viewers and critics, it was sadly canceled after its fourth season.