If you’re like us, you love going into that “treasure chest” in your garage that your mami has kept forever. The one with your baby book inside, maybe a baggie with your baby teeth (it’s actually a thing, we swear), and of course, tons of childhood photos. Whether that treasure chest in question is a beat-up plastic storage bin, those photos are always pure gold.

Our passion for childhood pictures isn’t just reserved for our own family — it turns out that looking at old celebrities’ photos is just as fun. You’ll never guess who many of these stars are from their childhood photos, but there’s no doubt you can see star quality in all of them. Here are the 12 best Latino celebrities’ childhood snapshots possibly ever.

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1. Bad Bunny

Twitter / @jenxifxr, Getty Images

“El Conejo Malo” always had an affinity for going out of the box — and yes, that includes aliens. Now, this is what we call a photo to remember!

2. Shakira

Twitter / @skvistvl, Getty Images

It’s safe to say Shakira kept her signature sweet smile and brown eyes… even though we wish we could see her in bangs again!

3. Sofia Vergara

Twitter / @taylorg_celeb, Getty Images

Drop-dead gorgeous Sofia Vergara was always quite the model, as seen in this photo with super-cool butterfly face paint we want to recreate stat.

4. Rauw Alejandro

Twitter / @BrianaGodoy6, WireImage

We can’t believe how little Rauw Alejandro has changed, black tux and all!

5. Lin Manuel Miranda

Twitter / @Chaim_DS, Getty Images

Lin Manuel Miranda is known for his charm and positivity, which definitely radiated from his smile as a super-cute kid!

6. Maluma

Twitter / @SC_ESPN, FilmMagic

Who would have known Maluma was a Racing Club fan?!

7. Jennifer Lopez

Twitter / @jloforever, FilmMagic

Honestly, we’re 110% certain J.Lo could still rock those braids today.

8. Becky G

Twitter / @sweetblfan, Getty Images

The Mexican-American “Sin Pijama” singer always had a huge smile, showing her amazing energy since she was a little girl in Inglewood.

9. J Balvin

Twitter / @LatinHermes, Getty Images

It’s clear “The Prince of Reggaeton” always had a rebellious streak, as seen in his pout as a child in Colombia.

10. Thalía

Twitter / @Univision, Getty Images

Thalía started off her musical and acting career as just a child, and her sweet nature could be seen even back then!

11. Eva Longoria

Twitter / @Bloggin70259422, Getty Images

Even though Eva Longoria once said she was an “ugly” duckling as a kid who “blossomed very late,” we can see a gorgeous smile that still holds true today.

12. Gael García Bernal

Twitter / @DemiHughes, WireImage

Mexican actor Gael García Bernal started his acting career as a child, showing off his talents in the television series “El Abuelo y Yo” back in 1992.