If you’re feeling an itch to travel, why not set your destination to one of the “coolest” streets in Latin America? Time Out just unveiled its “30 Coolest Streets in the World” list for 2024, including two Latin American cities in the top 10. These streets are chosen by “local experts” on the basis of how walkable they are, their outdoor bar and restaurant game, and unique happenings like indie movie nights and art installations.

Ahead, find the top three Latin American streets you need to visit— located in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Mexico City.

Guatemala Street in Buenos Aires comes in at #4

Time Out selected Guatemala Street in Buenos Aires, Argentina as the fourth “coolest” street in the world. Located in the bougie Palermo Viejo neighborhood, Guatemala Street has two Michelin-starred restaurants (including double-starred steak restaurant Don Julio). As per the outlet, Calle Guatemala is a social hub where people drink wine, eat ice cream, and rub elbows in bars throughout the street. If traveling to Buenos Aires, this dreamy, tree-lined street is a historic location for soaking up Argentine culture.

Arnaldo Quintela street in Rio de Janeiro is also on the list

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Another Latin American street that made it to the list’s top 10 is Arnaldo Quintela street in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Coming in at #8, Rua Arnaldo Quintela is located in the Botafogo neighborhood and is a hub for nightlife, people watching, and gastronomy. The outlet recommends stopping at the old auto shops that have been turned into bars, pointing out spots like Xepa and Quartinho Bar. A look on social media shows that Rua Arnaldo Quintela is also lined with nightclubs if you feel like dancing, and lots of outdoor, casual dining.

Moreover, this Brazilian travel influencer’s video shows more insight on Botafogo, its intimate bars and cafés, and its buzzing nightlife.

Last, Bucareli street in Mexico City made the list at #19 in the world

If you have already traveled to Mexico City, then you know about its architectural beauty, art culture, and yes… the delicious food. CDMX’s Avenida Bucareli is no different, so it’s not surprising that Time Out named it #19 on its list. The avenue is located in the Colonia Juárez neighborhood, and features the iconic Plaza del Reloj. This clock tower, also known as the Reloj Chino, was a gift from the Chinese government back in the early 1900s.

Further, this avenue is located close to Ciudad de México’s epicenter, and was the city’s main hub in the 1800s. After its construction in the 1700s, Avenida Bucareli was home to fountains, tree-lined paseos, and bustling bars. Today, Time Out recommends you try hotspot restaurants like La Sirloneria and Suppli.